A small social hierarchy came into being,Those who defend the interests of Emperor Lei are promoted to officers,Usually let these officers manage specific people,Tianzi Lei only needs to manage this group of hundreds of officers.,He generally does not participate in the internal management of each team,Unless something absolutely unfair and unjust happened,Affect the morale of the army,He will appear as a leader,Correct the error,Let the black sheep fight。

According to the system of a society,As long as Lei Tianzi doesn’t take the lead in breaking the rules,I usually show up in front of people,The whole army will always maintain justice、Righteous style,Whether it’s a force or a society,The first thing that broke“Privileged”Class,As long as everyone has no privileges,This army and society will not have corruption。
After Lei Tianzi trained the cows and birds,And didn’t stay still in one place,He left Qincheng soon,The immortal gods who followed him before saw Lei Tianzi with real immortals and strong men accompanying him,Dare not move forward,I was thrown away by Lei Tianzi the next moment。
Lei Tianzi, who goes with the situation, has no fixed destination,Wherever you go, look at something strange and interesting,Buy good equipment when you meet,If you encounter an injustice, reach out and level it。
Traveling along with Lei Tianzi,New troops also grow。
Unknowingly three years have passed,The boys and girls of the past have grown into vigorous youths,They are influenced by Lei Tianzi’s thoughts and skills,After a ideological transformation,Completely inherited the soul of Thunder Team,As long as the soul of this army survives,Will never be easily defeated。
The whereabouts of Lei Tianzi has been wandering,A geographical distance of nearly 50 billion kilometers has been traveled in three years,I have witnessed the grievances of many Grid Continents,He gradually adapted to the climate and environment here,Ready to fight anytime, anywhere,By the way, check how powerful the new team’s force value is。
The new team is divided into two parts by Lei Tianzi,One is based on collective battles in formations called“Thunder Team”,This is a team with the main style of Thunder Team’s vanguard experience,Some people call it“Sky team”,A team dominated by cold spurs,Not good at collective combat,But often perform intelligence gathering、Assassination mission。
From beginning to end,Emperor Lei did not arrange any tasks or positions for Qian Qianqin,No one has seen Qian Qianqin’s true face,She has always covered the features of her face,Most of the time, following the front and back of Lei Tianzi。
this day,Lei Tianzi came to Guaziling,I saw a dozen immortals slaughtering a group of men, women and children in front of me。
There are more than 200 immortal cultivators with butcher knives in hand,Everyone’s cultivation is in the realm of real immortality,More than 3,000 people were slaughtered,Only less than three hundred people have reached the realm of immortal gods,Most of them are in the realm of fascinating powerhouses and infants,Under the butcher knife of the strong,Everyone screamed desperately。
When Lei Tianzi saw a mother protecting her child who was less than one year old,Can’t help being furious,Quickly call out about 10,000 sergeants of the Thunder team who have not experienced actual combat,Which is a team of guards,Lei Tianzi ordered:“Capture them first,Don’t talk about the offender。”
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Chapter Three Hundred and Two Tong Qiao Enying
More than 10,000 true immortals against more than 200 true immortals,It’s almost the result of pinching,The Lei team sergeant quickly closed all the people present,Lei Tianzi enveloped everyone with colored glaze divine consciousness,Send them into the artifact space,Then join hands with Qian Qianqin to stay away from here,After one day of uninterrupted teleportation,Only when Lei Tianzi found a deserted and remote place to enter the magic weapon space。
The origins of those arrested have been figured out,The chase came from Tong’s family,This family is more powerful in Guaziling area,Belonging to the status of a big boss,The murdered family belonged to the Qiao family。
Just five years ago,Qiao Lifeng, the owner of the Qiao family, went missing and did not return,Some people say that Qiao Lifeng died outside,Some people say he was killed,As for who the murderer is,Everyone turned their heads at the big brother Tong Fang in Guaziling,The patron of the Tong family。