Lei Tianzi went to bed and sat cross-legged,To Qiao Huiru:“Class for you today,Let you know what is called a native instrument,Generally speaking,Magic tools are all refined by immortal cultivators,Used countless treasures,It takes advanced technology to refine a magical artifact,This world is so magical,There are some magical artifacts that are not made by the cultivator,But uphold the luck of heaven and earth,Nurtured by the rules of heaven and earth,Maybe it’s from the beginning,Maybe it came later,Anyway, it is mined from stones and other materials,This magic weapon is inherently offensive and defensive,Native instrument,Power is more powerful than those refined by the cultivator,There are also some original artifacts that are like chicken ribs,Useless,It’s so amazing。”

“This one?”
“This is armor nature,It’s a very advanced kind,I’ll practice it first,You watch。”Lei Tianzi took out a drop of blood from Qiao Huiru’s tongue。
He needs Qiao Huiru’s blood that can be taken from the tip of his finger,But Emperor Lei was uneasy and kind,Deliberately kiss,Make Qiao Huiru kiss her eyes like silk,Can’t help it,Only then bit the tip of Qiao Huiru’s tongue,There is that precious drop of blood in Lei Tianzi’s mouth,And spray it on the original instrument,He is upright,Fingers gesture very close to the original artifact,This is called portraying Fulu,Inspire the power of the original artifact。
It took about half an hour,Only then did the white porcelain piece emit a brilliant glow,Then start to swell,Until it becomes the shape of a robe。
Lei Tianzi carried the original magic weapon and threw it to Qiao Huiru and said:“You put it on and try,This is your thing,As long as your mind turns,Just feel in touch with the original artifact。”
Act according to law,really,The original artifact disappeared in a flash,Qiao Huiru can’t see this artifact,Has merged with her body。
Lei Tianzi nodded and smiled,Said:“Don’t care about this dress,Don’t delay anything,Even sleeping with men will not hinder the slightest,But when life is threatened,Will protect you automatically。”
“is it?I do not believe。”Qiao Huiru’s voice is very low,Face red,Embarrassed。
Lei Tianzi laughed,Said:“I will try it for you。”
Finished,Pounced on the long-awaited Qiao Huiru。
Lei Tianzi was most satisfied with Qiao Huiru sleeping,To strengthen Qiao Huiru’s interest in Shuangxiu,Helped her improve the cultivation of the two products,really,His hard work was not wasted,Qiao Huiru benefits from double repair,I couldn’t help but came to the room the next day and started three fellow practitioners。
Qiao Huiru, who became a bride, was very courageous,After finding out that Liu Tang was not beaten out,,Stick to Lei Tianzi every day,Although Liu Tang is not very happy,But found that Lei Tianzi’s ability is stronger,Did not show any opposition。
The relationship between men and women is a layer of window paper,After piercing the paper,Everything is logical,It’s good not to feel private between each other,I used to struggle alone,Now a family struggle,The team has grown,Many ideas have also changed。
Lei Tianzi has always been an elegant and happy personality,In that case, I live in Youhuanjing,Did not return to Qiuhai City,Before school starts,Fly directly from Youhuanjing to Yanshangjing。