“boom”Muffled,Xia Di was kicked by the skin monkey and flew up。

The four who besieged the skin monkey,Knocked into the air、Repel three people,The remaining male student is carrying a small round stool in his hand,tension、If you are afraid, go back。
As a high school student in eighth middle school,It’s okay to play downwind,I really want to encounter this kind of hard fight with hard fight,Not to mention physical,I can’t hold on psychologically。
Seeing the siege of the skin monkey frustrated,The other male students in Eighth Middle School also panicked,Like hot oil spraying snow,The originally balanced scene suddenly collapsed。
“Hehe”In the laughter,Pi Monkey led the crowd to press up。
at this time,Kunshan that stopped the retreat,Stand side by side with Xia Di who just got up from the ground,The remaining eleven male classmates also stood behind them。
Although the faces of the male students are ugly and mixed with fear,But still stubbornly standing in front of the female students。
See here,Zhao Dabao, standing behind the star Toria, nodded,These boys are really good,Quite character,Even if you can’t beat,No one ran away。
In such a passive situation,I know to stand in front of the female classmates,Already have the basic qualities of being a man,Dare to take responsibility,Dare to withstand pressure。
A person gives directions in good times、Rebuke Fang Qiu,That’s nothing。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Nine select
Seen from the male student’s scared expression,Kunshan cannot provoke the forces behind the skin monkeys。
Even in this unprovoking situation,Kunshan still chose to do it,Let’s talk after you finish!
At this point,Kunshan’s character is definitely good for buddies、terrific。
This is what Zhao Dabao appreciates very much。
If it’s because the opponent is huge,Can’t provoke,Even if the brother was beaten, he didn’t dare to help,What is that brother??
so,Synthesize all you see、Heard,Zhao Dabao thinks Xia Di’s classmates are really good。
Even the female classmates who are cheering are very nice,In such a passive situation,Still standing with the male classmates,Decided not to flinch。