As soon as Lei Tianzi appeared“Wang Yu Dengzhan”Sacrifice,Bringing Qianqianqin to fly into the king’s lamp。

When the furious Tong Fang tracked the two into the king’s lantern,Lei Tianzi quickly trapped Tong Fang。
His realm is too far from that of a powerful king,It’s not enough to trap Tong Fang,Launched an attack with colored glaze consciousness。
Aware of the attack,Tong Fang is not in a hurry,He has discovered that Lei Tianzi is only the third-rank realm of attracting the strong,Take it off with one breath,Even if there is any help from the heavenly baby,Can also defeat Lei Tianzi,So he is not too alarmed。
Lei Tianzi took out the magnetic talisman,This is a new weapon developed by Hongna and others,He and Qian Qianqin both served the third nucleic acid,The body has changed,Not affected by magnetic fields。
The magnetic talisman flies towards Tong Fang,But was flew by Tong Fang,But Fulu burst open,The magnetic field inside reacts quickly,In front of Tong Fang appeared many undressed beauties and fairies dancing lightly,This is an illusion that he has in mind,The appearance of hallucinations directly weakened Tong Fang’s combat effectiveness。
Qian Qianqin didn’t know that Lei Tianzi launched at least three of the sharpest attacks instantly.,She still feels unlikely that the two will survive,My heart is filled with despair,Think again:“Die with him,It’s a life without regrets,forget it!Stop struggling,I just hope to look at him one last time,This man is the cutest when he fights。”
Lei Tianzi has no time to care about Qianqinqin’s ideas,Still offering two magnetic talisman,Increase the power of the magnetic field。
at the same time,Liuli divine sense has entered Tong Fang’s sea of knowledge,Tong Fang’s consciousness is affected by the magnetic field,Falling into a kind of despair,In Tong Fang’s feeling,He is loving and loving with countless female fairies,Body is very comfortable。
Lei Tianzi quickly erased Tong Fang’s memory,Then search every corner in the sea of knowledge,Found that no memory was missed,Then he gave Tong Fang new memories according to his own ideas。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Four Brotherhood
The whole brainwashing process goes on very quickly,Lei Tianzi learned of Qiao Lifeng’s identity,He and Tong Fang are half brothers,And Qiao Lifeng is not dead,I am dormant in Tong’s settlement。
The unexpected discovery made Lei Tianzi very surprised,Can’t help but feel full of emotion:“Infernal Affairs is really everywhere!Give birth to the enemy’s wife,Then take the other’s family,This strategy is vicious enough。”
Tianzi Lei has completely brainwashed Tong Fang,Only then took Qian Qianqin to leave the Wangyu lamp。
Two hours passed,Qian Qianqin regained his mobility after being imprisoned by Tong Fang,This is why Tong Fang didn’t kill him,If Tong Fang wants to kill Qian Qianqin,One finger is enough。
Tianzi Lei is already counting Tong Fang’s belongings,As the head of the Tong family,Tong Fang has accumulated countless wealth,And this person is quite lustful,There are millions of female fairies in his fairy space,All of them are stunning in the fairy world,Many female fairies have never seen Tong Fang’s face,No wonder,Everyday someone gives Tong Fang gifts,Female fairy is one of the best gifts,Too much quantity,Tong Fang has no time to digest,Put it aside,Long time,He doesn’t remember who sent the fairy,Rao is so,Tong Fang also covets the beauty of Qianqianqin,Such people are too greedy,I will get retribution one day。