Team Thunder’s mission is the most important,Lei Tianzi takes the lead,Assault the middle position of the monster army,It only took half a month to tear the demon territory army in half,Divide an army,More than 130 billion creatures killed in the Demon Region,Lei Tianzi was injured many times,When the injury gets better, go into battle,Until I met with Yan Shiyu, who was in blood,Then go hand in hand,Killing the creatures in the demon realm。

Just when Yan Shiyu saw Lei Tianzi,At a glance, he recognized Gelan standing beside him,The long spear in Yan Shiyu’s hand,The tip of the gun struck Galan’s chest,Shocked the unsuspecting Lei Tianzi,Look at Gaelan’s face and heart not beating,Still very calmly watching Yan Shiyuyao show his power。
afterwards,Galan gritted his teeth and said to Lei Tianzi:“What’s the matter with you and Yan Shiyu?”
“It’s alright!”
“There must be a secret between you。”Galan Furious,But didn’t pursue it,She and Yan Shiyu seem to be born at odds,Pinch as soon as you meet。
Later, Emperor Lei knew,Yan Shiyu and Lu Baihua have an affair,It’s just that Lu Baihua later married Ge Lan。
No wonder these two female fairies hate each other,But they all had a relationship with Lei Tianzi later,Can be regarded as a happy couple。
One month later,The creatures in the demon territory begin to recede,There are more than 600 billion corpses dropped。
The human army has also lost a lot,Especially Shin Jeongwol and Fei Sangzi,Halve the quantity,Team Thunder has the least loss,Mainly they have light grenade guns for long-range attacks,The number is reserved,Yan Shiyu’s team is only over 40 billion,Less than the number of Thunder Team。
There are still more than 400 billion escaping creatures in the Demon Territory,But the vitality and morale of the creatures in the demon territory was suppressed by the human race,Terran cultivators chase all the way,Killed hundreds of billions of creatures in the demon domain,Finally, I saw a lot of reinforcements from the creatures in the demon territory,Only then was Lei Tian team postponed and retreated slowly。
The two races met together in the secret world,Hundreds of battles,The death toll is almost the same,If there is no Thunder Team,,Killed hundreds of billions of creatures in the demon domain,Terran will definitely be at a disadvantage。
The creatures in the demon area need to be rectified、Count the supplies and quantity of the army,Human race all returned to the original continent。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Discuss business
Since then,Yan Shiyu summoned Lei Tianzi every three to five“Discuss business”,Sometimes we will discuss together for several days,After returning,Lei Tianzi is refreshed,Looks very masculine,Even Zhai Jun noticed something was wrong,Galan is even more grumpy,Find the difference and quarrel with Lei Tianzi every day。
Tianzi Lei always feels uneasy in his spare time,I used to think that the secret is a closed space,Now it seems,The secret realm is the place connected with the demon realm,It must be the channel to attack the human race only found on the demon domain,Fortunately, this space is fragile,Can’t tolerate the strong in the realm of real fairy,If you let the demon realm kill it,Human race is really not easy to resist。
Because the secret is special,Outside support can’t come in,Relying solely on the people of Team Thunder,Lei Tianzi was under great pressure,He decided to incorporate several other human race teams,First from Yan Shiyu。