The Qiao family is not a family that anyone can handle,On the one hand, he sent someone out to find Qiao Lifeng,On the other hand, ask for help from relatives and friends,Worked hard for five years,What was waiting was the Tong family attacking,The group that Lei Tianzi met was the last group in the Qiao family,Most of them are descendants of the Qiao family,Including Patriarch Qiao Lifeng’s niece Qiao Zhiwei and wife Li Na。

The two female fairies were brought up,Because their identities are very important,At Qiao’s,Li Na is in charge of military affairs,Even the current Qiao family failed,Only a few thousand people with low strength remain,But the Qiao family still has some background in the Grid Continent,Not so completely defeated。
Qiao Zhiwei is the child of Qiao Lifeng’s sister’s family,Only 36 years old this year,In charge of business in the Qiao family,In other words,Qiao Zhiwei is the role of God of Wealth。
The status of these two female fairies is the most important,The others are servants or relatives of the Qiao family,Not too important,As for the young woman who guarded her child that Lei Tianzi saw,Is also one of Qiao’s servants,Identity is not too important。
After analyzing the entire information,Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but shook his head,obviously,The death of Qiao Lifeng has little to do with Tong’s family,If Qiao Lifeng really died。
The analysis is very simple:After Tong Fang killed Qiao Lifeng, he would destroy the Qiao family immediately.,Won’t give the Qiao family a chance to breathe,In other words,There will be no waiting time of five years。
But there is still a difference,According to Li Na,The ancestors of the Qiao family,The strong man in the royal domain is not dead,Still threatening Tong’s family,Until a month ago,The Qiao family’s ancestors are dead,Tong Jiacai attacked。
This analysis is not without reason,Because the threat of a powerful king is too strong,The Tong family wants to destroy the Qiao family,Must be foolproof。
Comprehensive analysis,Lei Tianzi still insists that Tong’s family is not the main enemy of Qiao’s family,He felt that an old and decayed king domain would not pose a threat to Tong’s family,Only five years of life span,Must be unable to participate in the battle,Will the Tong family be afraid of a powerful king who is about to die??
Thanks to Qiao Zhiwei and Li Na’s insistence,Emperor Lei was also a bit hesitant,He is not a party,Can’t tell who is right and who is wrong from the scene,Guessing only from information obtained halfway,Unable to detect the truth。
From the perspective of Lei Tianzi,He has his own demands,Strength determines that it is not appropriate to intervene in the struggle of the king’s strong,War is like this,Once involved,Hard to pull out。
But Li Na and Qiao Zhiwei begged,Let Tianzi Lei stand up for justice,The main thing is to find out the cause of Qiao Lifeng’s death,Their original words are like this:“Don’t let the Qiao family’s Patriarch die!”
This sentence can move Lei Tianzi completely because he is also the head of the family,From one’s own perspective,Can appreciate the life and death of the head of the family,A heavy blow to this family。
Qiao Zhiwei is a woman in her thirties,Not married yet,Although Li Na is Qiao Lifeng’s wife,,But not a regular wife,But a concubine who ranks behind more than a hundred,Not more than 100 years old,These two female fairies have very strong personalities,Almost fell into madness in attitude,I want to avenge Qiao Lifeng。
Didn’t think too much,Lei Tianzi immediately stood by Qiao Zhiwei’s side,The cultivator who promised to take the Tong Family for them。