But Wu Qifeng didn’t care,Keep saying:“It took me so hard to get these two gorillas,We must fight against the animal protection organization,I have to pay someone to do it,Just give the poachers hundreds of thousands of dollars,And Idavia’s border defense、The customs also spent a lot of money,This is still based on the company’s friendship over there。

I have to apply for various documents when I come back,Pretending to be a scientific animal,Was knocked up and down again,The overall cost is even higher than trapping and transforming people,Only try it by yourself,I realized that this job is really not something ordinary people can do。
Old white,Luckily you are back,In the end, it’s cost-effective to find a remodeled person on the fighting field,Let’s not mix the protected animals on earth,Now we are not just Suzaku,It can even be said to be the benchmark of Ming Guo’s underground fighting field,Even many foreign nobles also came to find excitement,Big bosses from every family are staring at us……”
Bai Lin still has a smile on his face,Nodding,“Rest assured leadership,This time i go to Africa,Communicate with several local reformer research institutes,They promised,If you can divide the benefits,They are willing to give us some waste products with no scientific research value。”
“it is good,Good job,”Wu Qifeng rubbed her hands excitedly,“Old white,Leave this to you,You can negotiate the price,I will say hello to finance,Give you a certain freedom of reimbursement。”
Bai Lin also looked like he met Bole,“Thank you leader,That one,Is the body of the orangutan still there??”
Wu Qifeng is a little confused,“Here,What do you want this?”
Bai Lin is mysterious,“This thing is in demand on the black market,Not just genes,There are many people who want it to make specimens for home,You see,Can i handle it?”
Wu Qifeng waved his hand,“take it,Just tell the security that I agree。”
Bai Lin leaves Wu Qifeng’s office like a spring breeze,His face suddenly became gloomy,Teeth rattling。
His fingers rubbed back and forth on Yuan Simeng’s photo,“Cut in half”’S body is indeed still there,In fact, such losers are generally treated as garbage,Accumulate to a certain extent and send it to a pollution-free garbage treatment plant at one time,“Cut in half”It’s still in the cold storage below the boxing ring。
With Wu Qifeng’s approval,Bai Lin unimpeded all the way“Cut in half”’S body shipped outXthe company,After moving to a private cold storage,Please come to the vet for the most detailed autopsy。
After autopsy and veterinary analysis,Bai Linlin is sure,Before going to stage“Cut in half”Got a large dose of steroids,This is the cheapest and most common stimulant,So it was very excited at first,Attack power and frequency exceed normal levels,Hit the opponent。
But the side effects of steroids are also great,“Cut in half”’S heart is beating violently,Over time,Myocardial cells can’t stand violent beating,Sooner or later the heart will collapse。
And on the ring“Cut in half”Riding a tiger,Or die of heart disease,Either because the duration of the drug effect has passed,Whole body off,Died of“Tanka Pirates”Beating。
Finally, Bai Lin asked the veterinarian to dissect“Cut in half”From the autopsy results,It is being“Tanka Pirates”Before breaking my neck,Died of myocardial rupture。
My love,Yuan Simeng,Killed indiscriminately by a poaching team hired by Wu Qifeng,And Yuan Simeng paid his life to protect the creatures,Just die under Wu Qifeng’s lust,All this is like a circle,Finally connect the two together。
Hatred burns Bailin like a red soldering iron,He can’t wait to start the car right away,Drove into Wu Qifeng’s office and killed him!
But reason told him——Wu Qifeng eats black and white,still isXThe confidant of the company boss Liu Yuan,He has no power and power alone,Revenge is not easy?If you go to the office alone,I’m afraid I will be shot dead at the scene。