The whales did not realize the danger,Still playing around the nuclear submarine that dived to a safe location,Through the observation window,You can see the look of these big whales with huge heads。

The body of this creature sometimes exceeds 25 meters,The huge head accounts for about one-third of the body length,It has twenty-five coarse teeth in its mouth,Tooth length 20 cm,Tooth tips are cylindrical and conical,Each tooth weighs two catties,It’s in the upper part of the huge head and the big cavity separated by cartilage pieces,There are three to four hundred kilograms“Whale white”Precious oil。
The so-called civilian ship has approached,It accelerates suddenly,Rush into the school of whales,Like a vicious dog that was snatched,What do you see,Crashed into those poor whales,Go through,After passing,Only the two halves of the sea creature’s wriggling body are left。
The big head whale’s powerful tail swept the side of the ship,It doesn’t feel at all,Some brave big-headed whales crashed into the ship,Like a praying man,Killed a big whale,It ran to fight another,It turned around immediately,Refuse to let go of its prey;It forward、backward,Follow the command of the helm,Big head whale sinks into deep water,It dives to chase,Big head whale comes to the surface,It followed up,Or face up,Or side Face thorns,Or cut,Or tear,in all directions,Vertical and horizontal,Just use its terrifying steel body to jab。
In the ocean,What sharp screams these severely frightened creatures send and receive,And their unique snoring sound!It was originally very quiet in the middle of the water layer,Now they’re churned into really turbulent waves by their tails。
This depressing massacre has been prolonged for an hour,Those poor big-headed elves are impossible to avoid,Several times,There are ten or twelve in a row,Want to take their size and stop this ship,Cover the retreat of mother whales and calves,But the body of the flesh is not worth the steel,That ship urges its propellers,Defeat them,Drag them,Or bring them to the upper layer of the sea,Regardless of their huge weight,Regardless of their strong pressure。
At last,This group of big head whales are scattered:The sea becomes calm again,In the ocean,Full of pulpy corpses,Even a violent explosion may not be able to separate these huge pieces of meat more severely、tear、Shattered。
Everyone is quiet,A killing in front of us stunned everyone,Li Lan buried himself in Yang Pingfan’s arms,Trembling,Yang Pingfan’s voice is dry,“Whose ship is this?”
“Dongying’s Whaling Ship。”
The mute ability of the North Wind God itself and the anechoic tile absorb the active sonar sound waves of the opponent,Make it an oceanic black hole,Even if it is suspended not far from the Dongying Whaling Ship, it will not be found。
now,The submarine’s propellers turned slowly,Driving the submarine back into the distance,A distance。
“Mr. Yang,You know why i sympathize,Even supportMSFIs it?”
Yang Pingfan was taken aback by what the captain said,Some hesitation:“MSFRevoltXCorporate violence、Politics,andXThe company controls all resources,Tearing humans apart,Even cut off the hope of human civilization……”
“Do not,This is only one aspect——”