“With the database storage and research capabilities of the research center,Still can’t find gene fragments from existing samples,That means it is probably not nucleic acid,But another form of existence,So I thought of mad cow disease,Zombie deer,Prion……”

Li Suifeng frowned together,“Do you know the cause of mad cow disease?”
Thomas still looks shy,“know,Although very controversial,But most biomolecular scientists think,Humans forcibly change the eating habits of cattle,Use cattle bones and internal organs to grind into powder for cattle feed,It is equivalent to changing the cow from a herbivore to a carnivore,And it uses processed products of similar remains as feed,Is the biggest culprit。”
Li Suifeng muttered to himself,“You opened Pandora’s box,But it’s worth a try。”
Li Suifeng submits the report,Thomas’ suggestions were implemented immediately,Focus on various resources,The project has made significant progress,Large-scale human trials followed in secret,Thomas became restless,Finally one day,He knocked on the door of Li Suifeng’s office。
“professor,Can i trust you?”
“Ah it’s Thomas,Come sit down,What happened?”
Li Suifeng values this young man very much,Two people have the same major,Graduated from the same school again,A sense of identity,But Thomas still surprised him,Not seen for more than half a month,He became stubborn,Deep sunken eye socket,As if a gust of wind can blow down。
“professor,I have a lot to say,I……”
Thomas just wanted to speak,But found that the words were frozen,I can’t vomit it out。
“Sit down first,Relax,poor child,What’s going on here?”
Li Suifeng quickly got up,Pull Thomas into the chair and sit down,Then took out a delicate wooden box from the bookcase,Inside is the Korean ginseng that Su Yu sent him,Li Suifeng cut a few pieces,Made a cup of ginseng tea,Pass it to Thomas。
Thomas takes a sip,Bitter taste,After swallowing, there is a strong sweet fragrance,Moisturized the throat,He stared at Li Suifeng blankly,Said a word for a long time,“professor,The only two of us in the entire research center are black-haired。”
Li Suifeng was taken aback,I don’t know why he mentioned this,Bluntly,“Yes,so what,Citi is a multiracial country,This is normal。”
“professor,I believe you can tell,I am a mixed race,Mixed Indian and white,My mother is indian,Father is mixed Indian and white。”