The response of the third strong man who fascinates the gods is not slow,Observe even without looking back(shēn)The end of the two companions,Can’t help but sigh,Heartbroken,Head crooked,He actually broke the meridian and committed suicide。

Even Lei Tianzi was surprised by this result,Don’t pity the strong man’s choice at all,Obviously you can not die,Why did you choose a path of no return??Does he think this way of death(rì)Can be reborn later?
Foolish cultivator,Just surrender,Lei Tianzi must give him a position of high-ranking official,What you want,Dead clean,It’s a pity that no one praised him for his great achievements。
The high-level contest came to an end at the moment when the rabbits rose and fell,The following battle continues,But it’s all a slaughter,Lei Tian team died less than 10,000,The death toll of Qizhuxing reached 13 million,The remaining six million immortals lay down their weapons and surrender,No one escaped。
Emperor Lei ordered all these people to be closed(xué)pulse、Collect weapons and equipment,Put it in custody。
After the victory, the Thunder Team temporarily retreated 50 million kilometers,Still firmly controlling the starry sky of Qizhuxing,That means the war is not over,The first round after World War I just ended,And the subsequent war。
Qizhuxing was in an uproar,Everyone talked,All families and sects who have participated in the war are in panic.(rì),They don’t know what kind of reinforcements the cultivators of the ancient Pan Star Territory have invited.,Intermittent messages returned indicate,The immortal cultivator in the Gupan star field has mastered a certain kind of big killer with light,It’s easy to kill the masters of the infantile period。
The Lei Tian team that retreated temporarily is not idle either,They began to interrogate the captured Seven Bamboo Star Cultivators one by one,Finally figured out how many specific forces were involved in the battle。
Lei Tianzi selected a few representatives(xìng)Character,All top leaders except for the three top powerhouses who died,Then use the power of divine consciousness to erase the details of these people about that battle(qíng)Specific picture memory,Put them back to Qizhuxing,Bring back Lei Tianzi’s message:“three(rì)Surrender in the void,Expired。”
This is the ultimatum he left to the Seven Bamboo Star Cultivators,If you don’t do what he wants,Emperor Lei must personally lead people to arrest people according to the list provided by the captives,After being caught,It’s not sugar water and honey,But a knife and a whip。
What makes him satisfied is,All major forces that participated in the war are stipulating(rì)Surrender with all personnel and property during the period,Lei Tianzi asked Liu Tang to check the list one by one,Did you miss any important people,If any big power has selfishness,Transferred part of the family property,Hide important figures in the family,I must be held accountable。
One can tell lies,It doesn’t mean that everyone is telling lies,As long as everyone’s confession is consistent,Can basically eliminate fraud。
It took three months to sort out the profit distribution and personnel list after the war.,There are 14 major forces that surrender,Have family power and sect,They also admitted their failure,Willing to bear all consequences,Fight and kill without complaint。
Tianzi Lei carefully selected a large number of qualified immortal cultivators from this group of surrenders.,Let them join the Thunder Team,The treatment is exactly the same as the previous fighters,There is no discrimination between distant and close relatives,No wronged latecomer,This approach is also adhering to the earth“Everyone is equal”Idea,Try to eliminate all unfairness,At least within the Thunder Team, we must be fair, open and just,Lest some people feel disgusted,On a battlefield,We can kill the enemy bravely if we work together,If everyone is selfish,Not qualified to win at all。
Later, there were about 6 million masters who joined the Leitian team,These people are the elites of fourteen major forces,Is also left as“seed”Those responsible for passing on the fire。
Plus people captured in the war,Thunder Team once(xìng)More than 11 million new recruits,Ten times the number of people before,Cao Xian is worried that the recruits will try to mislead,No wonder she has such thoughts,Because the number of latecomers is too much,Once rebelled,I’m afraid they will suffer。
Lei Tianzi said with a sneer:“Things here(qíng)Will leave after finishing,After the stars,They left their homes unaccompanied,Promising future,We can only live on,I don’t think anyone rebels with a mortal heart,Are they fed up??”
In my hometown,Some cultivators have ambitions,After leaving home,Their ambitions had to be pressed down hard,Because if you have ambition but not strength,That’s crazy。
Lei Tianzi, the remaining people among the fourteen major forces, simply cannot,Either you are too old or you have problems with your looks,Damage to the majesty of Team Thunder,Just let them go home。