“Of course I know,I’m actually telling you the whole story,You should have the patience to listen to me。”The man in sunglasses looked up at the president,Smiled,But with his fake eyes smile,Looks a little weird。

“Ok,I give you ten minutes,If afterwards I still know what I want to know,Then,Colonel,Oh no,Then,Captain,I’m afraid you will go back to the barracks to shout your slogan。”The president be patient,Looking at each other threateningly,But I’m already paying attention,Let this neurotic idiot go away tomorrow。
“enough,Oh,I just talked about war,The War of Independence made us independent of the British Empire,The Civil War allowed us to move from division to unity,The war with Spain gave us Hawaii,The war with Mexico gave us New Mexico,First war,Let us be a power,The next war makes us one of the two poles,The Cold War made us the only superpower……I don’t know how to describe,But it seems that war and Citi are inextricably linked,It is also the foundation for Citigroup to become stronger。”
Black sunglasses seem to sweep away the momentum of the bodyguard before,Became an elegant professor,Watching the president talk freely,And opposite him,The president was consumed by all this and had little patience left。
“But human civilization is progressing,Want to start war again,No matter what the excuse,Are too weak,Too costly,Congress refused to approve,Your Excellency, you don’t have the courage to bypass Congress and start a war,But if there is no war,There is no driving force for the development of our country,Will decline,With,Human civilization will also stagnate,Everyone is immersed in the existing enjoyment,Inextricable。”
The president’s patience is almost exhausted,Anger in the voice,“What do you want to do,Do you find me in the middle of the night to discuss the progress of human civilization??”
The man with sunglasses smiles,“No no no,We need war,It’s just that this war is no longer an evil country,But an organization,We need to unite all armed forces,By fighting this organization,To arouse the enthusiasm of the people,Keep going for human civilization,These are required。”
The man in sunglasses said,Raise the sunglasses,Wear in front of your eyes。
“Captain,What we are going to discuss is your negligence,Not a question of what Citigroup should do,This question does not need to be considered at your level。”The president finally gave up patience,Reminded loudly。
“Yes,I did malfeasance,But not this。But……”Black sunglasses suddenly pulled out the pistol from his waist,Point to the president。
“Damn,What do you want to do?guard,guard。”
The president saw the pistol,The mood that has not yet calmed up again,He instinctively took a step back,Yelling,But the guards who usually answer,At this moment, there is no meaning。
“When we talk,My subordinates just cleaned up all the insiders,Your Excellency,You should know,Since industrial civilization,Humanity has spent more than two hundred years in internal struggles,Made the moon landing more than 70 years ago,People at the time thought that we would at least colonize Mars 70 years later,The result is that we can’t even build a second International Space Station.,Can’t fight anymore,Can no longer do unnecessary consumption,right now,There is a force that can unite everyone,But you are very opposed,and so,You have to make a little sacrifice。”
Black sunglasses raise the muzzle again,Rare explanation。
“YesXCompany??You really believeta?”The president looks at each other,Long silence,Suddenly asked。