The two helped Dr Yao up,Pinch,Doctor Yao woke up leisurely,Saw Yang Pingfan,Lips whistling,Yang Pingfan’s ear is close to his mouth,Just listen to him,“Go fast,Go fast,Live on,Keep the seeds,China will not die……”

I broke up before finishing talking,Yang Pingfan looked at Doctor Yao,I saw his eyes open in anger,But the pupils have disappeared,Doctor Yao is dead。
Yang Pingfan helped him close his eyes,Pass the Wang Ba box on the ground to Zhang Zhiruo,“Follow me,Let’s kill。”
The two rushed out of the torture chamber,Broke into the office of the special high school,When Abe saw this, he grabbed the handle of the knife and pulled it out.,Say hello to Yang Pingfan,Yang Pingfan grabbed the blade with one hand,Discharge current,Lieutenant Abe was immediately shocked by electricity,Incontinence。
Yang Pingfan grabbed the saber,Brush a few,Cut off Abe’s limbs and hamstrings,Abe is so painful that he wants to shout,Yang Pingfan smashed his jaw with one punch,Teeth and bones mixed together,Can’t make a sound。
Other detective teams and members of the special high school rushed over when they heard the movement,Yang Pingfan a long knife,Zhang Zhiruo has a pistol and a coin hidden weapon,Killed the detective team resident,These two-legged beasts,One counts one,In the past,All buried here today。
I don’t know who opened the kennel in the chaos,A group of Dongying wolf dogs swarmed out,Animals who are used to eating human flesh have seen so many dead people,Come and bite like smelly shit,Wait until the two react,It was only then that Lieutenant Abe, who was about to be taken back as a prisoner, was torn to pieces by a group of red-eyed wolf dogs.,The scene is like a slaughterhouse,Even Zhang Zhiruo, who is used to seeing big scenes, can’t stand it,Like a pregnant woman who is pregnant。
Yang Pingfan doesn’t feel right,All these beasts deserve to die,He found several melon grenades from the body,Pull out the insurance pin and throw it in,The four-legged beasts thought it was delicious,Pounced over,The bombed limbs flew around。
The two finally released all the prisoners in the detective team,Yang Pingfan searched it again,Sweep away valuable things,Carrying the body of Doctor Yao,Set a fire before leaving,Burn this place thoroughly。
Take Zhang Zhiruo back to the station,Told the matter,Liu Yuan and the three are also very sad,The era of resisting foreign aggression,I don’t know how many silently sacrificed heroes are drowned in the long river of history。
The big thing is over,After repeatedly rejecting Zhang Shengyang’s retention,The four finally left,East first,Then go in a circle back to the top of Funiu Mountain。I saw the artillery still,But there are no more Japanese garrisons,Yang Pingfan went inside and looked at it,Wave his hand,
“All removed,Nothing left。”