“roll。”Pang Duoer gave him a kick,They didn’t mean to hurt each other,It’s a joke between lovers。

I went in through the gate and found out,There are separate hatches inside the Star Battleship,Divided into dozens of layers up and down,Each floor has a cabin design,With the influx of people, they opened the cabin and discovered that the people here were already dead.,Bai Sensen’s skeleton turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared with a touch,No trace left。
There are about 100,000 people in a starry sky battleship,The space in the small amount of artifact space is very small,Only four or five hundred miles in volume,And there is still a dark space inside,People can’t live long inside。
Today’s advanced artifact spaces have sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers and so on.,Even the concentrated type is very suitable for the needs of human survival,As long as the resources are not exhausted,Humans can live forever in the artifact space。
Lei Tianzi came to the cockpit and found some notebooks recorded in Chinese characters,And it’s in handwritten form,After opening these ancient notebooks and reading, Tianzi Lei knew,These people come from a person named“Origin star field”The place,There is a record of the age in the notebook,In the absence of reference objects, Lei Tianzi does not know how many years have passed since the so-called age.。
He gave the notebook to Lei Xuan for carbon4Identify,The final result surprised them all,Because the age of the notebook is 70 million years old,Even the notebook has some annual ring storage since it is manufactured,These people may also come from 60 million years or more.。
Lei Tianzi nodded slightly and said:“These people probably came from the period of practicing micro-fa,At that time their cultivation system was not developed,Lack of support from powerful exercises and panacea,Not enough for them to cultivate to a very high level,And according to the notebook,They were attacked by the demons and fled the origin star field,Wandering in the stars,Finally died because the resources were exhausted,The temperature inside the Star Battleship is the same as outside,In a relatively cold environment all year round,Most items have been preserved,But worthless,But these starry sky diaries are still treasures,It is possible to find the origin star field according to the star diary。”
after awhile,Lei Tianzi continued:“If he is driven out of his home by the demons,Then the combat power of those demons is also very limited,Didn’t stop them all,Order the soldiers to be ready for battle,We must avenge these human races,Retake the territory occupied by the demons。”
in fact,The place where the demons live has always been on a poisonous planet,The green planet where humans live is not suitable for demons,But in the history between the two races,There are not many wars,It’s not because the other party’s place of residence is not suitable for you.。
War is a monster,I don’t understand many things,In the words of street hooligans,Just:“I’ll hit you if I don’t like you,what?”
The situation in more than a hundred star warships is almost the same,obviously,The allocation of resources for this batch of warships is similar,After they got here,Resources have been exhausted,Finally gather together and wait for death。
Lei Tianzi thought carefully and was terrified,He couldn’t imagine what these people were thinking before they died,How many ideals they still have not completed,Who will inherit the regrets left?,None of these things are recorded in the diary,Leave a small mystery。
The only notebooks that were accidentally discovered are the most valuable,The rest of the supplies are useless,Lei Tianzi took out a magic weapon space alone to decorate more than a hundred star warships,I plan to find the origin star field and then bury these star warships on the origin star field,Let these pioneers of mankind return to their roots,Back home,He also fulfilled the basic responsibility of a human adventurer。
After sorting out the income along the way,Emperor Lei ordered to continue,This time they modified the route,Go to the star map provided by the notebook,Find the origin star field first,A war between races slowly kicked off,Everyone is doing preparations before the war,Some people get together,Leave a good memory,Some entrust their fuss to their comrades,If someone can’t come back,Family members ask comrades to protect,This is also a person’s natural trust。