Lei Tianzi hurriedly avoided the glare dome’s eyes,Xinghe lifted the pick in his hand,Launched a stormy attack,Glare Dome is a little careless,I saw that the Emperor Lei was beaten by the blue woman and could not fight back,Already half dead,Unexpectedly, Xinghe still has enough power to attack himself so swiftly。

Glare Dome’s eyes have changed from Lei Tianzi’s(shēn)Cao Xian who moved up to the back(shēn)on,A weird eye swept across,The unsuspecting Cao Xian was hit immediately,Glare Dome is not at ease with the young and beautiful female fairy,The spell used is to make the female fairy embarrassed in public。
Cao Xian’s brain suddenly changed,She just feels that she is not fighting with the enemy,But lying(chuáng)Shang and Lei Tianzi Enen(ài)(ài),Suddenly the whole person is wrong,With a soft smile on his face,Reach out and start undressing,Even if you just have this awareness,It is also extremely dangerous on the ever-changing battlefield,Become a fish on the chopping board(ròu),You may get deeper and deeper if you continue,act like a buffoon。
The battle situation changes super fast,The Tie Xinghe in Lei Tianzi’s hand is still attacking the glare dome,(shēn)After Cao Xian has been recruited,Glare Dome also found out that he had encountered a fatal attack from Picking Galaxy,Immediately throw it away and continue to pressure Cao Xian,Resolve the crisis,Hope for help,Yelling at Lan Po:“help me。”
Lan Po’s performance is very abnormal,There was a secretive sneer at the corner of her mouth,Turn a blind eye to the danger of the glare dome,The arm with the icy cold metal light flexed and bent and held the big guy with the leopard head and eyes behind.,Just in full view,Lan Po’s arm swept across the big man’s neck in an instant。
“Bang——”A huge head full of confusion soars into the sky,The big guy with leopard head and eyes doesn’t know what happened,His head just follow(shēn)Body separated。
Glare Dome does not get any support,The fear in my heart rises to the point where it can’t be added,He uses back、Fight back、The brightest way to save yourself,Fortunately, his realm is higher than that of Emperor Lei,Finally withstood the fatal blow of Tiao Xinghe,Knocking Star River to the side eased the attack。
Glare Dome just breathed a sigh of relief,Looking back, I want to understand what happened between Lan Po and Dahan,Just feel(xiōng)Mouth discomfort,a little cold,A glance,Can’t help but get lost,It was in his heart,A shining god(xìng)The ray of feathers pass directly through。
The pain instantly spread to the brain of the glare dome,Sad to find that I can’t even speak,I want to express my deepest wish:“I don’t want to die。”
The bright and beautiful world before his eyes became bleak,The boundless darkness attacked me。
“boom——”Glare dome(shēn)Body fell from midair,Hit directly on a rock,The blood came out like a fountain。
“kill——”Lei Tianzi waved his hand,First send Cao Xian, who is still not free from the illusion, into the magic weapon space,Entrust sisters Yu Xiaoyue to take care of,Bring Ling Ling and Ai Mu Shao to continue into the den of the gangsters。
Lan Po is on the verge of rebellion,Be brave and fearless,Six relatives do not recognize cold blood(qíng)Kill the Quartet,Encountered former brothers and sisters are not her enemies,Those low-level gangsters saw Lan Po turn around and ran away,The Lan Po at this time was ten thousand times more terrifying than Lei Tianzi and others。
“call——call——call——”And washed down a few figures from the mountain,Said a man in a red cloak:“Blue Po,Dare you betray my brothers,Surviving,Koromen,Kill me the gangster Lan Po,I want to light her up by myself,Don’t let her howl for ten days and ten nights to die,I am not……”