“Leah,Do you think this will work??Can you separate the meeting fee and the engagement fee??Or put it together,Is it a loss??”

The so-called whisper of this stuff,Not whispering at all,Anyway, everyone at the third table can hear it clearly。Including Wu Da standing behind and Qi Ba standing in front of you。
Everyone heard the muttering call for instructions,Chen’s relatives were completely speechless。Oh,wrong,Can’t be speechless,But I can’t sit on a stool。
So embarrassed,Qiba、Wu Da, these two leaders are there,Our Aunt Chen said these shameless remarks,You said,How to make Zhao Dabao these relatives and friends face to face、Wu Da?How to sit on a stool?
Compared to Chen’s relatives,Wu Da is really calm in Heng。What kind of virtue has Mr. Zhao always,Wu Da’s heart is clear,So regarding the separate collection of gifts,Wu Da is not surprised at all。
But Qi Ba, the underground emperor of Daguan City, doesn’t know,Qi Ba is almost peeing now。
Why is Mr. Zhao doing this??This is much better than the legendary description,Too evil。
What?It’s not enough to charge a fee,Two more fees?
Moreover,It’s a bit too much to pay the wedding payment,Anyone who has heard of an engagement will receive a gift?Isn’t that the time of marriage??
As for receiving a visit fee,Then even more,Is there such a custom of paying a visit fee??
Just as a side branch of the emperor of the underground world
Fight with the big brother,He dare not ask,Dare not scream,I can only look at the star Toria,Which is the newly appointed Mrs. Zhao。
Qi Ba can see it too,Mr. Zhao is a little afraid of his wife。
In this case,And only Mrs. Zhao can stop Mr. Zhao from being so wild、Shameless greed。
Really as Qi Ba wanted,As a big star,A highly educated Toria,The quality is much higher than that of Zhao Dabao。
At this moment,The big beauty Toria is correcting Zhao Dabao’s three-view education:
“Dabao,Some money can be collected,Some money can’t be collected。For example, you can’t collect the money for the name of a visit fee,There is no convention。”