People like Geng Xu and his wife are forced to surrender,It takes a long time to forget the past,The transformation time is about the same as the cost of cultivating low-level cultivators,It’s just a few hundred years,Hundreds of years later,Look at everyone’s realm,It must be almost there。

Many trophies Lei Tianzi only likes the small sword of the middle-grade artifact,Rewarded to Cao Xian for use,Fangtian painted halberd is a low-level artifact,Lei Tianzi stayed temporarily,In the future, we will give prizes to the subordinates who have made military merits as welfare treatment。
As for Ling Ling and Ai Mu Shao, they came to make soy sauce.,Just give them some contribution points,There is no one who kills heroically on the battlefield,Not eligible for loot,This is also the rule of Team Thunder,Only by doing this can we cultivate elite predators。
There are a lot of offensive talismans obtained by smashing the Shuangyang Mountain bandits,The few rogues killed by Lei Tianzi were all spiked,Too late to use Fulu,Then he tried it,Found that Fulu’s attack is very powerful,This is a distinctive feature of Diaoling Continent,Lei Tianzi rarely used Fulu before,Think that man-made standard weapons are time-consuming and labor-intensive,Not very practical against the enemy,I found out after I really contacted Fulu,This weapon is relatively labor-saving,When fighting enemies with similar strength,One more weapon attack will pose a great threat to the enemy。
This incidates that,Fu Lu also has a certain value,Not completely useless。
The vast world of immortality has evolved over hundreds of millions of years,The ever-changing methods of attack and defense,Things that can be left behind are more effective,Otherwise, someone would have given up,No one wants to practice useless secret techniques。
Back to Taifumen,Ling Ling and Ai Mu Shao go to the Mission Hall to go through the handover procedures,After the Huzi who was willing to do the task of waiting to sleep, learned that Lei Tianzi had received 200,000 contribution points,Envy in my heart,She endured the humiliation for a day to get ten contribution points,Even though I don’t always serve lecherous seniors,But setting aside an hour every day is the basic work,People’s contribution points can’t be given to her for nothing,It’s only been more than ten days,She only got more than one hundred contribution points,Ling Ling and Ai Mu Shao got 10,000 contribution points。
The distance has been opened since the beginning,It can only grow bigger and bigger in the future,In the end, look up to others for a lifetime,Can’t catch up。
Hu Zi had to re-examine the path he chose,Think before and after,Resolve not to fall like this,But a strong one,Exchange feelings and loyalty for training resources,Part-time work means no ownership,Wandering for life,No one will care for her for a lifetime。
After thinking about it,In the end, Hu Zi chose a more reliable senior from Tai Fu Men to commit himself to marry her.,No matter what hardships you encounter in the future,Both will share misfortune,Bear together。
The experience of mutual attitude is also normal in the world of immortality,After all, everyone needs to choose a way of survival,Some people choose the wrong way,Some people are forced to do things they don’t like,If there is a chance,They all yearn for change,Give up one’s own way,Take another most suitable path again。
free,Seems to never exist,Unless you give up practicing and live a mortal life,Short life span,But there is not much danger,The reality of the immortal world is often more cruel,Don’t use the morals and laws of the mortal world to measure their behavior。
After Shuangyang Mountain’s division mission ends,Emperor Lei lived in a beautiful space,Find out those jade slips data obtained from the gangsters,Start learning from the basics of making Fulu,Then gradually study,He found,Fu Lu’s field is more subtle than formation,Sometimes the power is greater than the formation,Array has advantages and disadvantages,The advantage is that it can assist the cultivator to destroy the enemy、Get out of trouble、attack,The downside is that the formation is relatively rigid,If it is a master fight,Kill back and forth in a space of thousands of miles,The formation is not easy to use,How can I have time to arrange the formation??Even with the help of a magic weapon like a thousand feet, it can’t make up for the inherent defects。