Like a stone thrown into a pond,The water waves will rippling around the periphery,The gravitational disturbance caused by the comet colliding with Jupiter pushes the stars in the asteroid belt out of orbit,Become a meteorite,Towards the sun,And the first one in front,Is Mars!

As early as when the comet entered the solar system,Mars scientists have already calculated its orbit and subsequent effects,However, their aerospace capabilities have not made a breakthrough,It’s still a chemical thrust rocket,Power and range are far from enough,Supporting the Martians to travel between the two satellites seems reluctant,So when the meteor shower hits,They have no power to change the end of the world。
Facing the disaster,The sense of crisis among all Martians has risen to unprecedented heights,Their brain waves have been strengthened in countless generations of networking,The brain waves of the entire ethnic group invisibly gave birth to a species instinct,Their spiritual resonance resembles cluster consciousness。
This cluster consciousness strives to avoid genocide,Even if individuals of this race are not aware of its existence,It will also produce miracles,For example, the escape spacecraft was quickly manufactured in a short time,Although it is still a chemical fuel propulsion method,Miraculously sailing to the nearest planet-Earth。
As a result of achieving longevity in the largest range,Plus the ideological and moral system is constantly refreshed,The entire Martian society has no new babies,And everyone alive can’t argue with each other,Everyone has become knowledgeable and wise because of longevity,There is no gender discrimination between men and women,Full equality,So there is no so-called priority boarding dispute。
The highest governing body of the Martian passed a resolution in the shortest time,In order to get as many escape opportunities as possible,Save your race and civilization,The escape spacecraft proposed by the Scientific Advisory Council only carries fertilized egg embryos,The suggestion not to carry any living person was adopted,Even the Martians chose an extreme and radical plan,The escape ship is controlled by intelligentAIcarry out!
The loaded escape ships lift off one by one,at this time,The meteor shower is approaching Mars。Mengsheng
This is an extinct meteorite shower,Meteorite hitting Mars,The largest radius exceeds a few hundred kilometers,Some are even comparable to Ceres,The smallest is only tens of microns,They fly at high speed,A small part is passing by sparks,Most of them were captured by Martian gravity,Then it’s like a flock of birds coming home,Into the atmosphere of Mars overwhelmingly。
Meteorite rain burns in intense friction,Release heat,Looking up from the Martian ground,Whether it is day or night,You can see the flares like small suns,Everyone loves meteor shower,But when the meteor shower falls on my head,No one knows if the person still keeps that love。
That was the most spectacular day,Also Martian civilization,And even the day when the Martian biosphere is dying。
The whole sky was almost lit,On Mars, an average of three meteorites per square meter,The remains of meteorites that did not burn out hit the surface of Mars directly,The whole Mars is like a ignited fireball,The ocean is boiled,The earth is born12Magnitude earthquake,The shock wave swept across the planet,Smooth out all the artificial objects on the surface,The big impact shattered the Martian magnetic field,Destroyed the atmospheric circulation system,Mars’s originally weak magnetic field has also been completely destroyed,The evaporated water vapor and a large amount of oxygen escape into space。
Martian life history,The curtain fell in a flame and smoke!
A meteorite shower blown from the asteroid belt by a shock wave,Partly captured by Mars gravity,Destroyed the Martian life circle,The other part of the meteorite shower continues forward,In front of them,There is a faint blue planet,It is ignorantly running on the orbit of billions of years,Don’t know,in front,There are already a group of death gods about to collide head-on with it。
Earth at the moment,Is the earth ruled by dinosaur civilization。