Chapter Six Home son-in-law
Lei Tianzi looked depressed,He most wants to be a cadre,Not because of rights,It’s that class leaders are valued by teachers,Have the opportunity to pass on advanced knowledge。
Seeing Lei Tianzi’s old face drooping on the instep,Qiao Huiru asked:“What happened to you?I can’t stand it after being criticized by the teacher?”
“The teacher doesn’t care about me,What if I don’t teach me advanced medical skills?”Lei Tianzi sighed,For the first time I felt that the mortal world was fucked。
“how is this possible?Are you stupid?Besides, the instructor won’t give us classes,There are more than a dozen other teachers,Academic performance depends entirely on personal ability,The teacher can’t stop you from learning for no reason。”Qiao Huiru doesn’t understand how Lei Tianzi could say such naive words。
After the textbook is published,Lei Tianzi watched the entire course on the first day,That’s a full 18 thick textbooks,He remembers every word firmly,Then asked Qiao Huiru quietly:“Why are there no meridians and spells?”
“vein?It may be the part that needs to be learned next semester,As for what the spell is?”Qiao Huiru feels that Lei Tianzi has problems in his mind more and more。
Lei Tianzi shook his head and said:“I learned these superficial knowledge in a day,I still want to accept more advanced knowledge based on my ability。”
“The university is free to choose the courses of other professors,As long as you pass the exam,The graduation certificate will be issued to you normally。”Qiao Huiru doesn’t fully believe what Lei Tianzi said,But don’t doubt the pious learning attitude of Emperor Lei,Everyone can see Lei Tianzi’s unique sincerity。
Lei Tianzi has been soaking in the library since then,It only took about a month to complete the five-year university course,He was disappointed,Didn’t find any advanced techniques at all、Spells。
Only then did he understand,Earthlings do not practice,No spells spread,Suddenly lost interest in medicine,Very melancholy。
It’s been two months since I came to China,Lei Tianzi re-practises the exercises,I have cultivated from the lowest level of condensing phase to the second level of spiritual acceptance。
According to the division of immortal world,The first layer of monks starts from the condensation period,The next level is the spiritual acceptance period,Then the solid base period、Lock stage、Infant period, etc.。
Each level is divided into nine products,One product is one step,After nine steps, raise a big level。
In addition to obtaining high-level mana and abilities in each great realm, there is an extension of life span。
After the receiving period,Lei Tianzi has been able to use more lethal spells,The most important thing is the next level,Base period,Only those who exceed the solid foundation period are considered as cultivators,Have more lifespan。
Can’t exceed the fixed base period,Emperor Lei will never return to the fairyland,He is anxious。
The hair was repaired to an inch long short hair,The cut long is distributed in the Xuna space,That’s Lei Tianzi’s hair,Very precious,Never throw away,When getting a haircut,It was Suta who found a barber to serve,I didn’t even throw away a single hair。
Anyway,Lei Tianzi is gradually adapting to the lives of the people on earth,A lot of things are lost,The main thing is,Except Qiao Huiru,Did not get the favor of beautiful women,Makes him feel uncomfortable。