There is actually no safe place,But living in the city is relatively safe,Everyone is observing an iron law:“Strict in the city(jìn)Kill,Offenders die。”

Every city is guarded by the lord,Want to fight in the city,Unless you can kill the city lord,It’s better to be honest,if not,The lord’s power is not a joke,Most city owners are indiscriminate,As long as there is a fight,Often kill all the people involved,What kind of interrogation and discrimination procedures,Save it all,After killing,The world will be quiet。
This is also the main reason why many people dare not seek revenge in the city,In order to kill an enemy, I will send my own life in,not worth it。
After studying the teleportation array,Two people go through some necessary tests,Found very satisfied,The speed of the teleportation array is extremely fast,It only takes about three breaths to travel between Tianhai City and Didao。
This year,Raikage is six years old,Lei Jing is seven years old,Relatively speaking,This pair of daughters are relatively happy,Have been living in heaven,J,Only awe for Lei Tianzi’s daughter,Don’t dare to say or do anything offensive。
Spend huge sums of money to buy a big house with a garden in Tianhai City,Lei Tianzi dispatched a force of 100,000 to garrison,Everyone in this army is someone he can trust,Mostly from the Sword Emperor Gate,Those who were brainwashed,The cultivation level is not high,Most of them are immortal cultivators in the period,Because they live in the city,Does not exist for fighting。
Seven years have passed since the Sword Emperor’s Gate was destroyed,At that time Liu Tang was still pregnant with Lei Jing。
Tianzi Lei believes that this arrangement should be foolproof。
Liu Tang lives in Tianhai City with her daughter,Lei Tianzi took others to live on Didao,If I miss my family,You can take the teleportation array to shuttle between the two places anytime, anywhere,As long as three breaths,Equivalent to walking from this room to that room,Not too much trouble。
Lei Tianzi, who lives on Didao, organized a manpower to build a large house,The palace(diàn)Style,Covered by a hidden formation outside,Token required for entry and exit。
Those cultivators still go out to explore from time to time,Everything they do is personal will,It’s not to perform the task assigned by Lei Tianzi,The resources obtained are only a small part of Lei Tianzi,Most of the income belongs to the individual,This is also the practice of Team Thunder,Lei Tianzi does not interfere with the results of other people’s hard work,But I was in danger for help,Certainly need to come up with some resources as compensation afterwards,Otherwise,Next distress,Who is willing to help??
The female fairies who clashed with the Sword Emperor’s Gate last time also brought out some supplies,Emperor Lei didn’t want their wealth,Because of that battle, the Thunder Emperor’s side achieved a complete victory,The loot alone is enough to cover the cost of the shot。
Their(rì)Zi just passed by day by day in this state,The immortal cultivators of low level grow up slowly,Lei Tianzi is still(cāo)Hold the great cause of alchemy,This is the fastest career,Especially advanced alchemists,The money earned is more than enough to feed the family。
Emperor Lei wants to prepare more pills for ascension(shēn)side,This kind of pill is at level six、Level 7 continents are very tight,You can often redeem a few middle-grade artifacts with one spirit pill。
The artifact is still a high-end weapon,Powerful,If a master during the priming period holds a middle-grade artifact,Can beat the masters of the infants holding the best magical instruments。
Most of the soldiers of the Thunder Team’s Class A Corps still use the best magic weapons。
This makes the combat effectiveness very weak,Lei Tianzi really wants to replace everyone in the Thunder Team he built with a mid-level artifact,Even low-level artifacts can be used,The combat effectiveness will definitely increase to a terrifying level after changing the weapon.。