Done all this,Lei Tianzi returned to Qiao’s hometown in a flash,I can see that Su Qingmu and others are very speechless。

Nothing more to deal with,Lei Tianzi chatted with the most powerful Zuo Yan,She was caught and sold by the enemy,According to Zuo Yan,After she was imprisoned,Traveling through the stars for ten years,Walked through countless places,That enemy just sold her recently,It should be very far away from Zuo Yan’s hometown,Because Zuo Yan has never heard of Penglai。
Zuo Yan’s continent is a sixth-level continent,It should be controlled by the powerhouse。
Lei Tianzi comforted Zuo Yan with a nice voice,Promised that she would be released home in the future,Zuo Yan was very moved,Thank you。
Such a promise is just to make Zuo Yan work hard for him,As for the future,Talk about it in the future,Lei Tianzi didn’t take it seriously,If his cultivation level surpasses Zuo Yan,It’s useless to keep her,If he can do it, he must go to battle himself,Why solicit thugs??
Before this Spring Festival,Hong Na lives up to expectations,Use fire sand as the main material to refine a low-level artifact,Named“Torch of Envy”,Lei Tianzi can’t laugh or cry,Anyway,The mixer has the right to name,I think Hongna is jealous of Liu Tang and others,Naming the artifact is also sent with feelings。
The shape of the torch of jealousy is a whip in the shape of a tower,Pointy front,The handshake part is slightly thick,The main function is to set fire,The temperature of the flame released is ten times more domineering than the flame condensed by Lei Tianzi using spells,Even Zuo Yan felt the threat of flames。
The torch of jealousy with divinity can be reduced to invisible small objects,Hidden in the acupuncture veins of Lei Tianzi’s palm,When you use it, your mind will appear when you move。
Although this artifact took more than a year to successfully refine,But it represents Hongna’s talent achievement,At her current age,In the future, better weapons will be refined,Tianzi Lei felt that he had picked up the baby,I won’t let Hongna go if I die。
The Eve of the Spring Festival,Su Qingmu came to visit,Also brought a container of New Year goods,I don’t know what the elder of Penglaimen thinks,Lei Tianzi gave them at least twenty empty spaces,I even hired a trailer to give a gift。
This point makes Lei Tianzi very despised,Even if you give it to them, you won’t use it properly,It’s on the same level with the hillbilly。
Su Qingmu is very talkative,It is said that flattering has three realms,The highest level is to make people inaudible and flattering,The second class is to be able to hear it,But very useful,Can’t bear to pierce,The third level is to make onlookers blush when they hear it,Feel ashamed。
Su Qingmu belongs to the second class,Although Lei Tianzi can hear the other party’s flattery and flattery,But didn’t embarrass Su Qingmu,But talking absently,Pure entertainment。