“They used to rest here?”

One in a white robe,The pale young man looked up at the sky,A black spot is slowly circling。
“Listen to,Out to explore the way。”
His response was a middle-aged man in a long ochre dress,If Yang Pingfan is here,Will be surprised,Because this person has dark skin,Curly hair,Awesomely of Negro race,But the pronunciation is in the Central Plains Mandarin.。
With his orders,A round thing rolled out of the saddle,This thing has a long nose,Pig head and mouse body,Long limbs,Snake-like tail,Looks weird,Rushed into the village road very fast,Not long,A sharp call came from the village。
Everyone hears this voice,The face is full of joy,Rushed into the village。
A group of three,There is another red dress,Like a woman in a wedding dress,Fair complexion,Gorgeous,Just high nose and deep eyes,Bicolor pupil,As if there is a pedigree。
Three people pat the horse into the village,Look around unscrupulously。
The middle-aged person carefully distinguishes the sounds of the truth,Open road:“Indeed stayed here,Stayed for a long time……emmm……Stayed one night,Left this morning。”
“What shall we do,It’s late,Chase or stay?”
The question is the woman in red,Voice is soft and charming,Smell the flesh and bones,People can’t help but rush the deepest desires in their hearts,The faces of the two companions around him changed,“Huo Mei Niang,This is not the time to show your charm。”
Huo Meiniang smiled,More charming,“Brother Shi,People are born like this,Not on purpose……”
“All right,Don’t forget the command,Tonight we have to catch up overnight,If you let that person into King Zhao’s camp,,Then trouble,Shi Tao,Where did he rest last night?”