Shortly after entering the city,When Yang Pingfan reappeared,The whole body has been completely renewed。

His robes and sleeves were borrowed from some Houfu,Han Dynasty people pay attention to toga and big sleeves,Jane with big sleeves is exaggerated,Extremely expensive fabric,There is an idiom called“Zhang Qichengyin”,See how big the sleeves are。
Yang Pingfan casually“borrow”This robe of is black silk,Embroidered on the cuffs,Gorgeous,Is the costume of the court,But he didn’t have a sword,There is no such thing as a ring on the belt,Ordinary people’s scarf on the head,Under the feet is a pair of Huren style long leather boots,The mix and match are breathtaking,Walking on the road attracted a lot of attention。
Yang Pingfan doesn’t care about the eyes of others,He swaggered along the wide street inside Xuanpingmen,The roads of Chang’an City are divided into fast lanes and slow lanes on both sides like later generations.,But the carriage and pedestrians go on both sides,The road in the middle is widest and flat,But no one。
Such a good road to bask in the sun is simply a violent thing,So Yang Pingfan crossed the drainage channel,Walking alone on the wide avenue in the middle,This way,He felt that the eyes of pedestrians watching him changed from curiosity to pity,As if I were a fool with insufficient intelligence。
A carriage goes head-to-head with him on the side road,A middle-aged man’s head poked out of the carriage,Yell at him in a Chang’an Mandarin with Sichuan accent:“fool,You need to behead your head when you walk on the road。”
Yang Pingfan gave him a look,Have a good impression of this kind middle-aged uncle,Loudly:“I’m in a hurry。”
The middle-aged man burst out laughing,:“interesting,In a hurry,Don’t even want life,Really interesting,Silly boy,You come in my carriage,Where are you going in a hurry,I’ll send you。”
People in this era still maintain the ancient open-minded legacy,Yang Pingfan is not hypocritical,Really got on his carriage,Open the curtain,I saw three people in the car,In addition to the middle-aged, there are two women in white clothes,Enchanting,Meet Yang Pingfan’s mashup style,For a moment,Then he giggled。
This uncle hugs left and right,So unhappy,He asked Yang Pingfan:“Silly boy,What is your last name,Where are people?Who owns this dress?”
“My last name is Liu……Liu Tian,It’s not from Chang’an anyway,clothes,I like it myself,Wear whatever you want。”
Yang Pingfan is full of deeds of those emperors in the Han Dynasty,I accidentally said that I am also surnamed Liu,Simply scorn a name,Liu Tian,Better than Liu Yuan。
As soon as this remark comes out,The middle-aged man’s face moved,Young man surnamed Liu,And behaving badly,This is probably a relative of the emperor,Not the royal family of Chang’an,That is the son of the king who entrusted the Waifan。
“God brother,I don’t know where you are going?”Middle-aged people know how to hide their heart,He asked with a smile,A little bit less joking in the tone。