Tianzi Lei asked Ming that the three people were just disciples of the begging organization,It’s not blood relatives who are relieved,If they have close relatives and elders killed in this battle,Must cut the weeds and roots,Keeping it is also troublesome,The blood feud will be remembered for a lifetime。

He accepted three young men and women as subordinates。
The scene after the battle was messy,Lei Tianzi and others left the place,Keep going north,Several people Su Qingmu control the aircraft,Sightseeing all the way,Lei Tianzi took the captive men and women into the Li Wu space for careful interrogation。
This time interrogation,Su Tingwen participated,What he does is collect information,Interrogated countless people,Extremely rich experience。
Lei Tianzi、Su Ting Win、Hu Hu、Yuan Li and three young men and women sitting beside a round table,Did not pose for interrogation。
Lei Tianzi asked first:“What’s your name?”
Oldest woman,That’s what the drummer said:“My name is zhiwu,His name is Guan Liang,The youngest is Tao Shiqi,We were all vagrants before,Adopted by a begging organization,Cultivate to become a cultivator of musical instruments,In fact, the begging organization can only raise us until the age of 21,As for what to do later,Hard to say,If the cultivation base reaches the solid foundation period,Can choose to stay in the organization,If the repair is not possible,Even if you kneel down and pray, there will be no place for you,This is the rule of the beggar organization,however,A solid foundation is too rare,Most beggars become playthings or wander around when they are old。”
Lei Tianzi nodded secretly,Zhi Wu’s words meet the needs of the begging organization,They just want resources from beggars,There is no plan to train them into masters at all。
So asked:“Do you remember where you are?”
Zhi Wu looked at the two companions,Speak with voice:“I’m from Kanli Star Territory,I don’t know about others。”
Lei Tianzi asked one by one,I learned that Guan Liang was from the mainland of Gulang,Tao Shiqi comes from the purple and white star field,Of the three, Tao Shiqi, the youngest, was born in the highest level of the star field.,According to Lei Tianzi’s guess,One is a star field equivalent to a seventh-level continent,Because of the star field names with colors,Not low level,This is also a cultural characteristic of the world of immortality。
Ask Zhi Wu how they came to Penglai mainland,Several people shook their heads,Carrying them is the fourth rank strong man。
Except that Su Tingwen couldn’t hear it,He knows the rest of the information,Nodded to Lei Tianzi,Confession is credible。