This proposal was unanimously agreed by everyone,So the Hudson tribe changed,Become the Mingzhou Xuanwei Division of Ming Dynasty。

After getting captives to supplement manpower,The casting of cables has been greatly accelerated,Of course, cables are not enough,Also need a mine-inducing base station。
Under a local rocky mountain,This was originally the location of the tribal priest,Sacred and mysterious,Now it has become a hot construction site,Thousands of captive young laborers live here,There are also many craftsmen and carpenters drawn from the Ming army,Hundreds of freshly built two-wheeled vehicles continuously bring in bricks, stones and wood from everywhere,Transported to the top of the stone mountain by manpower。
The observatory on the top of the mountain has long been torn down,Level out an open space,Scaffolding with fir branches,Countless craftsmen are busy up there,They followed Su Yu’s instructions,Ready to build a Mazu Temple here。
The Hudson tribe is doing its best to help the guests from afar to build their own buildings,Priority supply of various building materials,The cutting speed of spruce can’t keep up,So they demolished the homes of the tribal elders,Lift the beams directly,The tribe and craftsmen thought it was the Matsu Temple,I don’t know that this is actually a device to guide lightning。
Lightning is a strong electric discharge that occurs in nature,The energy released is extremely huge,In thunderstorm weather,The voltage released by a lightning bolt can even reach tens of millions of volts,Power reaches the megawatt level,Comparable to a small power station。
Yang Pingfan standing on the construction site,Looking at the Matsu Temple gradually taking shape,Hehe smiled,“I didn’t expect that the first person to catch lightning in North America was actually me,Franklin,I’m really sorry,Stole your limelight。”
Chapter 96—Long Days of Greed,Chunmeng has no trace
Seeing that the project is about to be completed,Qi Bin, who had nothing to do during this period, invited Yang Pingfan to drink,Yang Pingfan readily agreed,Brother Chen Zuyi is here,Everyone’s turkey tacos with strong tequila,Exchange cups,Talk about the future,Yang Pingfan is in a great mood,Drank a lot,After the gene is unlocked,First time drunk。
Li Huamei carried him back to the room,Fetch water to wipe his face,Yang Pingfan is in a daze,See the beautiful woman in front of me,Thought it was Li Lan,The thoughts in my heart burst out in one fell swoop,Bring Li Huamei into her arms,Tell the pain of missing,Li Huamei flushed with shame,At a loss。
Yang Pingfan’s words slipped into Li Huamei’s ears,This is where the immortal should have,Obviously is a normal performance of an affectionate mortal man,Reminiscent of the secret talks between him and Su Yu,Li Huamei has a bold idea:Yang Pingfan and Su Yu are not banal immortals,But someone from another world。
and,They are going back!
Thought of here,Li Huamei felt melancholy,I don’t know where the courage comes from,Break free from Yang Pingfan’s arms,Staring straight at him,Kissed her beautiful red lips……
The air is sultry,A rainstorm came unexpectedly,Shimani yelled and ran in,I saw two people tangled in bed,Li Huamei sat naked on Yang Pingfan like a rider, keeping her waist straight。
Seeing this, Simani almost yelled,Then there was a sour gas in my heart,Take off your wet clothes,Jump up too……