As early as the last time and space,To gather geniuses like Ai Heyun,Plus Liu Yuan’s investment,XThe company’s scientific research team has created a prototype of a quantum phone,I was taken back by Liu Yuan60The pair of communicators。

But as a prototype,This pair of communicators has only the most basic communication functions,There are no additional features of modern mainstream mobile phones,After returning to the base time and space,Liu Yuan poured more resources,Under the leadership of Ai Heyun,The R&D team optimizes its design and technology transplantation,Finally, a quantum phone with other phone functions was finally born。
According to the original plan,YesXThe company cooperates with major mobile phone giants,XThe company provides patented technology,Applied to the products of major giants,XThe company does not make its own brand of mobile phones,Everyone supports each other,Share the cake together。
But seeing it expand like a chain reactionXthe company,Liu Yuan feels that his full set of quantum phones is more competitive and profitable,If this phone can succeed,Then I am Zalberk+JobsMAXVersion。
XThe company held a grand press conference,The mainstream media all over the world are here,Tech giants from all over the world are also here,Everyone talking to each other,guessXWhat new products will the company release。
The venue slowly calmed down,A man in jeans and a gray pullover walks onto the stage,The light focused on him,This isXPresident and Chief Engineer Liu Yuan,In his forties this year, he doesn’t look old at all,Doesn’t have that mature uncle temperament,But as shy as a fledgling college student,But the boldness and freedom are a bit stronger than Jobs in his later years,Although sitting under the venue,I can still feel the sharp temperament bursting out of him。
Tide of applause,For a long time,in factXThe company’s quantum phone is no longer a big secret,Many of you have received trial products,That’s why,They will come to the press conference willingly,Because this product is really shocking,Comparable to the shock that Steve Jobs first released the Apple mobile phone back then。
Liu Yuan’s eloquence is excellent,The on-site mediation ability to mobilize the atmosphere is extremely strong,Personal charm was brought to the extreme by him,His speech is interleaved in Mandarin and English,An authentic Oxford accent makes English teachers uncomfortable,He started with inspiration and creativity,Difficulties in development,Team effort,All kinds of gossip and bitterness,Be told by him,Caused bursts of laughter and applause。
In his hand is a small transmitter,XThe company can make various shapes according to customer needs,brooch、wristband、Necklace or even ring,Start the phone,Holographic projection projects a virtual screen composed of light in the air。
“You can point with your finger or dictate the number directly,Look,Here is the number book,You can save the number you need,Just call the name when you make a call,It has a built-in speech recognition system with the most advanced modules and a database connected to the brain network,Even if you speak a dialect,It can also recognize,Don’t be afraid that it won’t understand the native dialect。”
Liu Yuan’s right joke made the audience laugh。
“And don’t worry about battery life,XThe mobile phone has a built-in super battery specially developed by our company,Super battery capacity,More than just wired charging,And it can——”
Liu Yuan lowered his voice,“It can also charge wirelessly,Just need to havewifi,Satellite signal,ThenXCell phone,It’s a mobile phone with unlimited battery life。”
Liu Yuan raised his voice,Announced out loudXEpoch-making technology applied on mobile phones,Received thunderous applause and the screams of thousands of viewers watching the live broadcast in front of the screen。