“Ah, 杭州按摩会所 you think so?” observed the Contessa, with a cruel smile.

“I am sure of it!”

She winced, and looked at him in a startled manner, upon which, impelled by some mysterious impulse, I know not what, I joined in the conversation,–

“On the 杭州夜生活一条街 contrary, madame, I do not think Signor Pallanza will ever be seen again.”

All present turned round in surprise, and the Contessa darted a look at me which seemed to pierce my soul. Only Beltrami was unmoved, and he, with a smile on his face, laid his hand upon my shoulder.

“Eh, Signor Hugo, and why do you think so?”

“A mere fancy, Marchese, nothing more.”

“Ma foi! and a fancy that may turn out true!”

I was annoyed at having yielded to the impulse and spoken out, as, unless I told all about my adventure, I could not substantiate my statement, and I was certainly not going to reveal anything 杭州洗浴全套 I knew, particularly in the presence of the woman so deeply implicated in the affair. Beltrami’s mocking manner irritated me fearfully, the more so as it was so very unaccountable, and I was about to make some sharp reply, when the opening 杭州丝袜会所门店 chorus of the last act sounded, and all the gentlemen, after making their adieux to the Contessa, left the room.

The Marchese offered his arm to Madame Morone, but she dismissed him with a haughty gesture.

“One moment, Marchese–I wish to speak with this Signor for a few minutes.”

Beltrami darted one of his enigmatic looks at us both, and with a low bow to conceal the smile on his lips, left the room. As soon as he had disappeared, Madame Morone turned round on me with a quick gesture of surprise.

“Signor Hugo, why did you say the tenor Pallanza would never be seen again?”

“I have no 杭州洗浴那里好 reason, Signora,” I replied, being determined to baffle her curiosity; “I merely spoke on the impulse of the moment.”

“Do you know Signor Pallanza?”

“No, madame, I have not the pleasure of his acquaintance.”


She heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at me long and earnestly, as if to see whether I was speaking the truth. Apparently she was satisfied with her scrutiny, for she laughed softly, and placed her hand within my arm.

“Confess now, Signor Hugo, you think me most mysterious, but I will tell you why I speak thus. I heard Pallanza at Rome, when he sang at the Apollo, and I hoped to see 杭州4197龙凤论坛 him again here, therefore I am annoyed at his disappearance and anxious for him to be found. A selfish wish, Signor Hugo, for it is only my desire to hear him sing again. Ecco!”

“I do not think your wish at all selfish, madame, for 杭州美容院排行榜 I hear he is a charming singer.”

“Oh, yes! the New Mario they call him in Milan. Will you not hear the rest of the opera in my box?”

“If you will excuse me, madame, I will say no, as I have an engagement.”

This was a lie, but I was so fearful of betraying myself to


this terrible woman, who had evidently a half-suspicion that I knew something of Pallanza, that I was anxious to get away as soon as possible. She, saying good-night, in a cold, polite manner, re-entered the box, and I was moving away when Beltrami suddenly appeared.

“Eh, Hugo, how cruel! the Contessa tells me you must go?”