“Who is the gentleman you refer to?” enquired 杭州油压按摩哪家好 Oliver, with natural interest.

“Well, to be frank with you, it is a nephew of my own. I set him up in business three years ago, and he has paid back every cent of my loan with interest out of the profits of his business. I can assure you it is a paying business.”

“I would judge so, from what


you say,” returned Oliver thoughtfully.

Somehow he felt disappointed to learn that the employer proposed to him should be a relation of his step-father. This, however, was not an objection he could very well express.

“Suppose I should not like business,” he suggested, “could I give it up and go to school?”

“Certainly,” answered Mr. Kenyon. “Bear in mind, Oliver, that I exercise no compulsion over you. I think you are old enough now to be judge of your own affairs.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The conversation which we have reported took some time. After it was over Mr. Kenyon devoted 杭州男士私人高级养生会所his attention to the morning papers, and Oliver was sufficiently amused looking out of the window and examining his fellow-passengers.

Presently they reached the city. Leaving the cars, they got into a horse-car, for distances are great in New York.

Oliver looked out of the car windows with a lively sense of satisfaction. How much gayer and more agreeable it would be, he thought, to be in 杭州按摩哪家好 business in a great city like New York than to live in a quiet little country village where nothing was going on. This was a natural feeling, but there was another side to the question which Oliver did not consider. How many families in the great, gay city are compelled to live in miserable tenements, amid noise and vicious surroundings, who, on the same income, could live comfortably and independently in the country, breathing God’s pure air, and with nothing to repel or disgust them?

“New York is rather a lively place, Oliver,” said Mr. Kenyon, who read his young companion’s thoughts. “I think you will like to live here.”

“I am sure 杭州品茶会所余杭 I shall,” said Oliver eagerly. “I should think you would prefer it yourself, Mr. Kenyon.”

“Perhaps I may remove here some day, Oliver. I own that I have thought of it. Roland would like it better, I am sure.”

“Yes, sir, I think he would.”

“杭州夜桑拿 Where is the store you spoke of, Mr. Kenyon?” he queried, after a pause. “Are we going there now?”

“Yes; we will go there in the first place. We may as 杭州哪有丝袜会所 well get matters settled as soon as possible. Of course, you won’t have to go to work immediately. You can take a little time to see the city—say till next Monday.”

“Thank, you, sir. I should prefer that.”

“We get out here,” said Mr. Kenyon after a while.

They were on the Third Avenue line of cars, and it was to a shop on the Bowery that Mr. Kenyon directed his steps. It was by no means a large shop, but the windows were full of articles, labelled with cheap prices, and some even were displayed on the sidewalk. This is a very common practice with shops on the Bowery and Third Avenue, as visitors to New York need not be reminded. On a sign-board over the door the name of the proprietor was conspicuously displayed thus: