“I am ready to undertake 杭州桑拿会所论坛 it,” said Parker, “but I don’t intend to be captured.”

“That’s the way to talk,” said the captain. Page 66 “But the colonel does not expect that the Sioux will attempt to capture you and hold you as a prisoner. You will have to go right by 杭州丝袜按摩实体店 the place where they are holding their Ghost Dance, and if the Indians discover you, they will lose no time in keeping you until their dance is over.”

“I don’t see what good that will do, sir. Don’t they want us to know anything about it?”

“Well, I guess they don’t. The Sioux have a theory that if anyone outside their tribe witnesses the ceremony, that will make the dance of no account, and it will all have to be done over again.”

Lieutenant Parker seemed to have grown two inches when he heard this. He was going to get a chance to make a hero of himself—that is, if the colonel thought fit to send him with the dispatches. He thought of what old California Joe would have done in a case like this. After Custer’s fight with Black Kettle, in which a great victory was gained and the power of the Cheyennes completely broken, Joe was 杭州洗浴桑拿按摩 selected as a courier to carry the report Page 67 to General Sheridan, whose headquarters were at Camp Supply. The journey was only about a hundred miles long, but it was through a country that was thickly covered with hostile Indians. General Custer offered him an escort of fifty men, but to his surprise Joe said he did not want anybody except Jack Corbin, his partner. Custer told him to go ahead, and these two men made the journey—two hundred miles—in just forty-eight hours, although they had several wide detours to make in order to keep clear of the savages. Lieutenant Parker did not know whether or not he was experienced enough to try such a plan as that, but he determined that he would attempt it. Everything depended on getting by the Sioux without being seen. If the Indians discovered him he would certainly be captured, and 杭州油压论坛 what would be done with him after that he did not know. He would not say anything to the captain about it, but if the colonel asked him how large an escort he wanted, he would take Carl, the Trailer, and set off.

The captain was a talkative fellow, and Page 68 during the twenty years of his life that he had passed on the plains and among the wild Indians he had gained a world of information, and accumulated an almost inexhaustible fund of stories which he was ready to tell for the benefit of younger officers. He related one after another of his anecdotes during the march to the fort; and when at last the whitewashed stockade came into full view and Lieutenant Parker rode through the wide gate, he saw that the teamsters and soldiers stopped and raised their hats to him, a thing they had never done before. Parker was popular among the 杭州足浴论坛 soldiers; for, although he was very strict,—as much so as the colonel himself,—and tried as hard to make his men “toe the mark,” when off duty he was “hail-fellow well met” with everybody. The captain and Parker came out from behind the wagon to see their men come into line in front of the


colonel’s headquarters, and then dismounted and went in to report.

“I have returned, sir,” said the captain. “I found the lieutenant coming along the prairie all right. He had some experience Page 69 with the Sioux, but he came on ahead as though there was nothing there.”

“Very good, sir,” said the colonel. “You may dismiss your men.” Then, unbending a little from his official dignity, he held out his hand to Parker and smiled upon him over his gold spectacles. “Well, my boy, I am glad to see that you have returned all right.”

“I have returned, 杭州品茶服务 sir,” said Parker, not forgetting that part of his duty, “and I have a wagonful of game.”

“Well, now, go on and tell me something about those Sioux you met. Were they a large party?”

“I did not see all of them, sir; not more than a dozen. The chief made signs that he wanted to talk to me, but I sent him back. I thought if he wanted to talk to anybody he could come down here and talk to you. He knew where your headquarters were as well as I did.”

“There were a good many more than a dozen men in that party,” said the colonel. “That was the reason I sent the captain out after you. Have you had sleep enough?”

Page 70

“Yes, sir, all I want,” said Parker, who now thought he was about to hear of the additional business the colonel had for him to do.

“Can you go without sleep to-night?”

“Yes, sir, and for forty-eight hours 杭州spa养生馆 longer.”

“I guess somebody has been saying a little to you about what I have on hand,” said the colonel with a smile. “Well, I don’t know as I blame the captain for that. How large an escort of soldiers do you think you will want to go with you 杭州龙凤论坛 to Standing Rock Agency?”

“I want just one, sir.”

“One!” exclaimed the colonel, opening his eyes. “Remember that you will have to cross their lines somewhere.”

“I know it, sir; but it will be easier for two men to hide than it will for a larger number. If I were going to ask for a larger squad than I have named, I should ask for your whole force.”

The commanding officer settled back in his chair and stared at the lieutenant without speaking.

Page 71

“I would like to have one man go with me, sir, if I might be allowed a choice,” said the lieutenant.

“Who is it?”