Bohai Bank – -New Financial Alliance’s "Top Ten Best of 2021" revealed Zhao Zhihong, the vice president of Bohai Bank, Zhao Zhihong was awarded 2021 "Top Ten Authors"

Bohai News New Financial Alliance "Top Ten Best of 2021" revealed Zhao Zhihong, Vice President of Bohai Bank, won the 2022-03-24 "Top Ten Author" 2021 Recently, the watchmaker and promoter of the financial industry-the Top Ten Authors of the New Financial Alliance of 2021 The results of "Top Ten Articles of 2021" were officially announced. In 2021, the New Financial Alliance published more than a hundred original articles in the official public account "New Financial Alliance NFA", comprehensively considering the industry influence, practical value, forward -looking and profoundness of the articles, and selected 20 authors and other factors. 26 masterpieces. The award -winning authors include regulators from the Central Bank and the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, relevant persons in charge of the Provincial Party of China, the Industry Association, and senior executives of banks, financial subsidiaries, fund companies and other institutions. Breakout, asset management industry butterfly change and other topics.

  Among them, Zhao Zhihong, deputy president of Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bohai Bank"), and chief risk administrator Zhao Zhihong won the article "Top Ten Authors of the Year" in the "Top Ten Authors of the Internet" Essence Looking back at the industry’s extremely deep research, several professional thinking looked back at 2021, the financial industry walked through an extraordinary time. Policy and market multiple variables are intertwined, and the industry is facing a comprehensive reinvention. The accelerated integration of finance and technology has changed the financial service form. A new challenge and development requirements have been put forward.

  In the article "Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of the Internet Storage and Loan Business Compliance", Zhao Zhihong’s forward -looking thinking and creative suggestions on Internet finance have stimulated many resonance and response. In the context of the introduction of the new rules of the Internet deposit loan, how should the market participating in the market participating in compliance and taking advantage of the trend? On this issue, Zhao Zhihong believes, "For the Internet platform, it will establish more scientific and reasonable power, responsibility, and profit distribution mechanisms with financial institutions in the future.

For financial institutions, especially commercial banks, the most important thing is to implement the responsibility for independent and independent risk control. Specific three capabilities need to be improved: the ability to effectively judge the scene, the ability of effective risk control technology, and the ability to obtain effective data independently. No.

"And these three capabilities require the main body of all parties to choose the business direction and cooperation model, and the other to adhere to the principle of compliance and strictly implement the responsibility of the main body of risk control in accordance with the regulatory requirements. , Compliance, and the authenticity and effectiveness of data.

In the digital era, the tide of the tide and the first time he graduated from Dalian University of Technology and obtained a doctorate degree in management. Zhao Zhihong has been deeply cultivated and immersed in the banking system for dozens of years.

Although it has long been promoted to senior managers of the Bohai Bank, Zhao Zhihong has always adhered to the front line, committed to organically combining practice and theory, and continued to work.

In recent years, he has written independently or as the first author of the first author. The book "Future Bank Comprehensive Risk Management" has elaborated on how the bank uses AI+to increase the level of risk management of banks to achieve the effect of preventing "black swans" and preventing "gray rhinos" in detail; In the book "Side Butterfly Change", Zhao Zhihong proposed the concept of "agile banking" to analyze the banking industry’s operating environment and development trend, how commercial banks should take market demand -oriented, customer -centric industries and other industries.

  Standing at the new historical starting point of the national "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" strategy, Zhao Zhihong put forward his own thinking about the practice of the transformation of agile banks: "Ecological Bank" is a key move for the break of commercial banks. In the recent new book "Ecological Bank -Agile Evolution Practice", Zhao Zhihong pointed out that the construction of a smart ecology has become the only way to the second curve of financial institutions and the way to rise.

Starting from national strategy and user needs, the book creatively proposes to build an ecological bank "new species", relying on the "Lego" capabilities framework of agile self -evolution, comprehensively analyzes the "5E" transformation path of the ecological bank with informative cases, and uses the smart data chain. Create a distributed collaboration between ecological partners, and finally realize the transformation from service single customers to infiltrating the industry’s ecology. As the youngest national shares, Bohai Bank earlier realized the importance of ecology on digital transformation, proposed to establish a "ecological bank" with open and ecological cooperation as the core, and the first to propose the "symbiosis co -construction" model to achieve realization Construction, data sharing, and double value with partners’ scenes.

In the future, Bohai Bank focuses on the corporate vision and mission of providing "the best experience of modern financial butler", accelerate the construction of the fintech system, promotes enterprise -level digitalization and business models, and builds a new ecological banking system to create agile temperature and temperature "Ecological Bank".