Foreign media attention: Three reasons for technology companies to choose Songshan Lake Science City

Reference News Network reported on April 22 that on April 22, Songshan Lake Science City ushered in the first anniversary of construction. Over the past year, Dongguan has accelerated the construction of Songshan Lake Science City, and the major scientific and technological innovation platforms have frequently spread, first -class innovative resources accelerate the gathering, and major projects have landed & hellip; & hellip; Why do technology companies favor it here? Today, the world is under great changes in a century. The Chinese economy has shown strong toughness. Songshan Lake Science City, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, has also become a incision that foreign media focuses on China and interpreted China.

The city culture that strongly pursues scientific and technological innovation Recently, Carl Heng, chief executive officer of Seasongroup (a technology company), published an article "Why should technology companies consider marching to China" on the website of the "Quick Company" magazine website, which tells the group factory in Dongguan in Dongguan Develop with his own experience in Guan.

Karl Heng believes that in a country where society is so happy to accept scientific and technological progress, in a country with a strong technology innovation culture, companies in technology or innovation industries can obtain from the rapid development of Chinese technology and subsequent acceptance and use of social acceptance and use. Great interests.

It is precisely because Dongguan has a strong pursuit of scientific and technological innovation, and Songshan Lake Science City has entered a higher stage of development.

The ecological environment suitable for scientific researchers’ work and life 2018 The chief representative, columnist, writer Frank Zelin, the chief representative of the Business Daily in China in China, came to the Songshan Lake High -tech Zone to interview. The green belt of the lake is even much wider than the street itself.

Xiao Yafei, the secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and then the mayor of Dongguan, said in writing about how to persuade R & D personnel and young entrepreneurs to choose Dongguan Songshan Lake and Binhai Bay New Area instead of Silicon Valley’s question. In the process of development and construction, Binhai Bay New Area also fully learned from the concepts of Silicon Valley’s focus on protecting the ecology. Especially in Songshan Lake High -tech Zone, many people who have passed think that their ecological environment can even be comparable to Silicon Valley. This is also a major advantage of two parks that attract talents and enterprises. Advanced manufacturing brings to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to help in July 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the consent of Dongguan Songshan Lake Science City and Shenzhen Guangming Science City. Comprehensive National Science Center.

In January 2022, Laos News Network published an article "The World Factory GDP over 10 trillion yuan". Chen Dongmin, executive deputy director of Songshan Lake Materials Lab, was interviewed by reporters that the laboratory is committed to the development of advanced science and scientific resources and local industries. A combination of research is expected to help the world factories to further innovate and upgrade its industrial form in the new era.

During the same period, the Associated Press website also paid attention to the scientific and technological achievements of Songshan Lake High -tech Zone for 20 years. In an article and videos of the title of "After 20 years of development, China becomes a reality in Songshan Lake Science City" in the future of science. The industrial facilities are conducive to the rapid transformation of scientific research results into products and services around the world. On March 28 this year, the Dongguan Municipal Government issued the "14th Five -Year Plan for Science and Technology Innovation of Dongguan City" that during the fourteenth Five -Year Plan, Dongguan would build a strong science and technology manufacturing city with international influence. Data show that in 2021, Dongguan’s high -end manufacturing industry grew rapidly.

For example, the output value of industrial robot products increased by%, integrated circuits increased by%, and new energy vehicles increased by%.

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