Remember Grandpa Xi’s entrustment and strive to be a good boy in the new era!

  In recent years, many children at home and abroad have shared their growth with Xi Jinping with "Big Friends" Xi Jinping.

"Happy holidays in children in the country" "I hope you will maintain your desire for knowledge and keep your interest in exploration" "Welcome you to take the Chinese and old railway trains early to Beijing" "Welcome to China to see" … The reply of "Grandpa Xi" was full of teachings and the entrustment of Yin Yin to send blessings and convey care.

  The teenager worked hard for life, Mo Xiangzheng’s laziness.

Children and children are the flowers of the motherland and the future and hope of the nation.

The civilization of a nation and the development and growth of a country require generations to work hard after generation.

The majority of children and children only work hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, and they will have strong skills to become a reliable and qualified socialist career in the future. Junior wisdom is national wisdom, and young is strong. The majority of children should keep in mind the teachings of General Secretary Xi Jinping, make diligent learning become the driving force for young people’s voyages, make growth skills the energy of life fighting, and strive to strive to be a good boy in the new era! (China Tibetan Network/Ye Wanrong) (Editor: Chen Weiguo).