The release ceremony of the "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Worker" in Henan in 2021 was broadcast

  In order to further promote the spirit of scientists, unite and consolidate the majority of scientific and technological workers to advance high levels of high -level science and technology independence and self -reliance. The release ceremony of the "Brightest Star -the Most Beautiful Science and Technology Worker in Henan in 2021" jointly sponsored by the Science and Technology Department was broadcast on the news channel of Henan Radio and Television Station. Scientific and technological workers who are brave and selflessly dedicated to won this award.

In order to coordinate the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia, this release ceremony was released.

  Science and technology star, light up in the Central Plains. In the journey of the new era, the majority of science and technology workers in the province used responsibilities and responsibilities, and wrote the stories of innovative dedication, and worked hard to comprehensively build a socialist modernized new Henan. These 10 "most beautiful science and technology workers" from Henan come from the front line of scientific research and production. Among them, some are unwilling to innovate independently and firmly control core technologies in their hands; some use science and technology to serve people’s livelihood On the field; some carry out medical research to promote the implementation of a healthy Chinese strategy; some bow their economic construction and promote the implementation of high -quality development concepts … They use the footsteps of exploration In the middle of the Plains, inquire the sea of ??stars with a vast arms. In the broad world of science, their continuous self -improvement national spirit and patriotic dedication red genes showed the good spirit of Henan science and technology workers, and strongly promoted the spirit of scientists in the new era.

(Reporter Yin Jiangyong).