The results of the test results of all 7 consecutive rounds of nucleic acid in Yingxian County, Shuozhou City are negative

People’s Daily Online, Taiyuan, April 26 (Reporter Ma Yan) According to the news of the Prevention and Control Office of Yingxian New Crown Pneumonia in Yingxian County, Shuozhou City, as of 20:30 on April 24th, all the eighth round of all -member nucleic acid inspection samples in the county were tested.After finishing, the results were negative.

From April 15th to 24th, Yingxian completed a total of 8 rounds of full -member nucleic acid testing. Except for the first round of screening in the control area, 2 cases of positive were used, and the results of 7 consecutive rounds were negative.

Since April 16, Ying County has no new positive infection for 9 consecutive days; 12 confirmed cases and 7 asymptomatic infections are stable, and the prevention and control of Yingxian epidemic has achieved staged results.(Responsible editors: Ma Yan, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see recommended reading.