Ningxia comprehensively deepen the reform of the reform: keep an eye on three "one kilometers" to expand development space

Since its identification as the first "Internet+Medical Health" demonstration area, Ningxia has boldly explored and practiced, and has established a five -level remote medical service system.

■ People ’s livelihood has what people care about and look forward to re -reforming, what the reform sends and promotes what the reform is. Let more people share the results of reform and development, becoming the most moving situation of reform. In March 2019, the Ningxia Remote Medical Consultation Center instructed the Benin Medical Team doctor to complete the first huge thyroid tumor surgery, which transformed the service model of the non -medical team in my country. Since being identified as the first "Internet+Medical Health" demonstration area in the country, Ningxia boldly explored and practiced, and has established a five -level remote medical service system. Under the "blessing" of 5G technology, a network cable will use a network cable Well -known experts "sent" to patients in remote villages. To deepen the reform of the medical security system, Ningxia gradually fulfilled the people’s livelihood commitments of "disease insurance" and "disease medical".

As of the end of October 2021, the region’s basic medical insurance participated in 10,000 people, and the insured rate remained above 95%, achieving the target tasks of the full coverage of basic medical care.

Small things, warm and warm.

Let the masses be affordable and show the original intention of reform. The party committee and government of the autonomous region adhere to the people as the center, focus on the implementation of the "four major promotion actions", focus on the people’s reflection of strong outstanding problems, accelerate the advancement and rectification and implementation of 1,260 people’s livelihood reform matters, and accelerate the shortcomings of people’s livelihood. Focusing on the improvement of the quality of basic education and the reform of education evaluation steadily, the "Internet+Education" of 6 counties (districts) and 39 schools was selected by the Ministry of Education as an excellent typical of the country; The reform of the "Three Medical Links" focuses on promoting the reform of public hospitals, accelerating the construction of comprehensive medical reform and urban medical consortium in the county, and promoting the inspection results of 69 medical institutions (inspection institutions) to recognize each other, start the reform of the disease prevention and control system; The integration of residents’ endowment insurance system has initially formed a multi -level social security system that covers the entire population, coordinate urban and rural areas, fair, unified, and sustainable; comprehensively promotes public reform of public -care institutions, attracts private funds to invest 100 million yuan, and realizes high -quality service resources for old service resources Effective integration … Reform of the brave victory.

In the past five years, as the reform hammers landed again and again, the "hard bones" have been stunned, and the problems of "boss difficulties" have been resolved. The effective innovation results of small incision and fast results have gradually emerged, which is closely related to the interests of the people. The dividend of reform has been accelerated, and Ningxia has comprehensively deepened the reform of the hoofs and has achieved remarkable results. "When the trend is coming, it will be behind if you can’t keep up, and it will be eliminated." In the trend of the rolling forward, only the tide to stand up to the tide.

The comprehensive deepening reform in the new era is a major change in leverage the development pattern. Ningxia will continue to work hard and take advantage of the momentum, and promote the more upper levels of the reform of the comprehensive deepening reform with the spiritual state of never slacming and the unswerving attitude.

(Reporter Qin Lei) Short reviews continue to use the key to make good use of the key reform. In the first quarter of this year, Ningxia’s economic operation was stable, and the company was obvious, and scientific and technological innovation contributed. In recent years, the region has deepened the reform of the scientific and technological system, and the "unveiling the list" mechanism has stimulated the innovative vitality of the enterprise. From 2019 to 2021, Ningxia released 74 unveiling tasks in 9 areas including advanced equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical, new materials, electronic information, and green food. In "neck" technical difficulties, a group of enterprise unveiling project technical level reached the leading domestic level in the corresponding field.

If we compare the new engine of scientific and technological innovation, then reform is to ignite this new engine. It is precisely because of the first trial of scientific and technological reform that it has fully stimulated the huge potential and surging momentum of Ningxia’s development.

And this is just a microcosm of Ningxia’s comprehensive deepening reform.

Reform the Chiefs to win.

In the past five years, with the fact that the reform has fallen into the ground, the "hard bones" have been stabbed, and the "boss difficult" problem has been resolved, and the policy innovation results of small incision and fast results have gradually emerged -integrated government service The ability of capabilities ranked first in the northwest for 4 consecutive years. Twelve indicators became the national business environment evaluation benchmark; the east -west science and technology cooperation model was promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the country; Typical cases … A batch of reform brands, a string of dazzling numbers, and a wave of reform dividends shared with the people, reflecting not only the vitality of high -quality development, but also the "hard core" of Ningxia’s comprehensive deepening reform. Answer.

The storms that have been traveled in the past five years have fully proved that only by daring to "break the ice" and dare to take the road that others have not walked can we harvest different kinds of scenery. Only by unswervingly continuously continued to use the key trick of reform can we resolve contradictions, defeat challenges, overcome difficulties, and achieve high -quality development.

At present, profound and complex changes in the domestic and foreign environments are undergoing risks and challenges of increasing unstable uncertainty, but also facing their own economic structure, institutional, and periodic problems. And problem. The more severe the development environment, the more stronger confidence and more measures must be pushed to deepen the reform.

Only when the reform is to be vitality and motivation can we be afraid of "reverse wind" and "countercurrent", bravely open the "top of the aircraft", and take the wind and waves in high -quality development. Reform is by no means easy. The more deeper, the more you need to attack the mountains, the difficulties, and the dangerous beach.

This is a hurdle, and it is a watershed.

Just like a carp jumping the dragon gate, jumping over the sea wide sky, entering a new world and a new realm.

It is not only to deal with challenges, but also to seize opportunities. Let us always "break" the spirit, "innovation", and the "dry" style. In the reform of innovation and pioneering innovation, we boldly explore the road of future development and embrace more bright development prospects. (Editor -in -chief: Yan Mengjie, Jia Ru) Share more people see recommendation reading.