From next month, Hefei will implement the new rules of "Sunshine Reception"

  On May 18, the reporter learned from the Urban -Rural Development Bureau of Hefei City that in order to ensure the sunshine and fairness of the collection of houses, the "Administrative Measures for the Improvement and Evaluation of Houses on the State -owned Land on the State -owned Land in Hefei" has been issued. Implementation, valid for 2 years.

  The value of the collection and evaluation is highly concerned and evaluated.

In recent years, the construction of Hefei City has developed rapidly, and the scale of urban houses has continued to rise.

At the same time, the proportion of monetary compensation in chooses to the acquisition has increased significantly, and the amount of money compensation for house collection has also increased year by year. At present, Hefei City uses government bidding and procurement to determine the house acquisition and evaluation agency. Through the contract agreement and daily supervision and strengthen the post -bid management, it has better guarantee the smooth and orderly development of the house acquisition work.

However, there are some irregular assessment procedures in daily work, slowly laid down of evaluation reports, and questioning results. The promulgation of the Measures will further standardize the evaluation of houses on state -owned land in the city, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to be requisitioned, strengthen the supervision and management of the house collection and evaluation market, and ensure the objective, fair, and fair as the evaluation results.

  Establishing an evaluation agency’s credit grading management system "Measures" stipulates that after obtaining the consent of the municipal finance department, the original bidding procurement method is optimized and adjusted, and the framework agreement procurement method is planned to be used every two years to determine the house acquisition evaluation service agency.

The name, qualifications, credit and other information of the evaluation service agency must be publicized to the society within the scope of house collection. The city will establish a credit management system for house collection and evaluation agencies. Through the collection of practice capabilities and practice behavior of the recording and evaluation service agency, the assessment of credit standards and levels of credit standards is regularly organized every year. After soliciting the city’s housing security and the credit evaluation confirmation opinion of the Real Estate Administration, the evaluation results are announced and recorded for preparation.

Credit information is used as the daily supervision of the competent authority, and the basis for reference for the important evaluation of the employment and evaluation service agency through the framework agreement. The collection and evaluation of credit management temporarily provides three levels: Grade A, B, and C. Class A is a level of institutions with higher credit grades.

The assessment agency with a credit score of less than 60 will not commission it to accept the evaluation and evaluation business of the Housing collection project in Hefei. If the evaluation service agency is included in major credit records, it will not commission it to accept the assessment and evaluation business of the Hefei house collection project; for the particularly serious circumstances, it will be removed from the city’s evaluation service agency.

  Establish a pre -evaluation technical standard review procedure to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the residents, promote comprehensive and objective assessment of the value of the house, ensure that the collection compensation is not lower than the market value of similar real estate, and set up a pre -evaluation technical standard review process. This is Hefei. This is Hefei. An important innovation measure proposed by the city. The "Measures" stipulates that after the selection of the evaluation agency, the district house acquisition department shall host the two evaluation agencies from the evaluation service agency by drawing or lottery, and review the technical issues of the assessment of the project’s pre -evaluation results. According to the requirements, in the future, the city will focus on the issuance of false assessment reports, the registration materials of the valuation engineer, and the incorrect means of contracting the house collection assessment business, disguised transfer projects, and private acceptance of the requisition inquiries. In addition, after the house collection and evaluation work is over, the storage period of the collection projects must not be less than 30 years.

He reports all media reporters Wu Qi.