The ecological environment of Qinghai Lake continues to improve

  Our newspaper Xining, April 12 (Reporter Liu Yurui) Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Management Bureau recently launched the first patrol monitoring of 2022 in 2022. It monitors a total of 28 water birds and a total of more than 10,000. Note. As of now, there are 227 species of birds in the National Nature Reserve of Qinghai Lake, and bird composition is mainly aquatic birds, ring poultry and raptor living in wetlands, desert grasslands, meadows and grasslands.

There are currently 97 types of water birds in Qinghai Lake.

Each year, the spots, brown -headed gulls, fishing gulls, and ordinary breeding populations that have breed in Qinghai Lake have reached 30%of the global breeding population. "Qinghai Lake’s key species of Qinghai Lake nude carp resources reached 10,000 tons, an increase of 10,000 tons from the previous year, and nearly 42 times the early protection of the Promotes. More than 2,800, the total statistics of the waterbirds of the species of species have a total statistics of about 10,000, reaching the maximum value since the monitoring in 2007. " This laid a solid foundation.

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