Quanzhou Anxi: Building a "party building+" neighborhood center asked to solve the people in the people

Original title: Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province: Construction of the "Party Construction+" neighborhood center asked the people who need to solve the people’s worrying red scarves small classroom, caring pharmacy, elder cafeteria, "730". The measures are shining, making the "party building+" neighborhood center a new place for the masses.

Recently, Anxi County led the party building, adhered to the actual situation, asked the people, and actively promoted a batch of "party building+" neighborhood center construction of a batch of "1+6+X" model, providing a one -stop service at the door for the masses, and building construction. The "15 -minute convenience service circle" of intensive, open, and shared, continuously enhances the masses’ sense of gain, happiness and satisfaction, and realize the childcare, old nourishment, illness and medical treatment, restaurant food, living in food, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, living, and living. You are happy and things. Let each child "learn and teach, childcare,", "suffering, think about the Red Army with twenty thousand.

In the Long March, the Central Red Army fought more than 380 battles to capture more than 700 counties. The Red Army sacrificed more than 430 cadres above the camp, with an average age of less than 30 years. Twenty -four rivers, walked through the barren grass, turned over the snowy mountains, about 25,000 miles … "Huang Huansheng is an old party member and retired cadre with 33 years of party age. In the nearly period of time, he often uses his spare time. The "Party Building+" neighborhood center of the Chabohui Community of Guozhuang Town, Anxi County, told more than 10 elementary school students about the century -old party history.

"If the child is bored at home for a long time, he likes watching TV. Here is a grandfather telling revolutionary stories. My granddaughter can hear it vigorously and keep making noise." The Red Scarf Class was praised.

"There are many residents who come to the" Party Construction+"neighborhood center every day like Huang Huansheng.

It is understood that the "Party Construction+" neighborhood center of the Chabohui Community opened a small red scarf class, and established a volunteer team to provide free teaching aid services for extra -curricular time for children over 3 years old to solve the child after school, no one cares about it, no one after school, no one after school, no one after school, Practical difficulties of human counseling. Let every elderly "grow old, eat and eat", "In the past, the children are not at home, deserted. Since the elders’ can be opened, I have been chatting with other elderly people every three differences. It’s not alone. There is just a lottery today. No, I also hit a bag of paper towels and a barrel of oil. "Aunt Sun walked out of the elder canteen with a prize.

It is reported that Chengdu, Chengxiang Town, reconstructed the elderly cafeteria in the "Party Construction+" neighborhood center, provided food for the elderly in need, provided home delivery for the elderly at home, and provided meals for the elderly in the surrounding community. Catering Services. According to the "Party Construction+" neighborhood center of the village, the cafeteria of the neighborhood center adopted a "decentralized+concentration" dining mode to introduce professional catering companies to operate, so that the elderly "eat" happiness.

"Disposal" is to provide meals for the elderly who are inconvenient to move daily. The village committee and Lion Yuan Charity will give certain subsidies. The old man only needs to pay a fee of 3 yuan for a meal; In the two days, the elderly can provide uniform, nutritious and healthy free lunch for the elderly in the village. At the same time, they have a collective birthday for the elderly who are born in the month of the month.

At present, more than 300 elderly people over 300 years old in the village have truly realized their children’s worry and comfort.

The neighbor has a great tenderness.

In order to effectively open up the "last mile" of the health of the residents of the community, the Chengdong Community of Fengcheng Town and the Gushan Pharmaceutical Party Branch of Fujian Province, relying on the "Party Construction+" neighboring center to create the county’s first "love pharmacy" to provide residents with providing residents Medicine consultation, Chinese medicine, "online+offline" 24 -hour drug purchase, health knowledge lectures, free consultation and other medical care services.

The "party building+" neighboring center is not only a "punch" place for neighborhood education, pension medical care, and entertainment, but also a service center for the people.

In the exploration of the party branch of the Chengxiang Town, the Party Branch of the Chengxiang Town, incorporated the original characteristic party building brand "730" into the "Party Building+" neighboring center construction in the "730" of the "730" of the original characteristic party, that is, 7:30 pm on the 7th of the 7th, at the " The Party Construction+"Neighborhood Center held a council to resolve residents’ contradictions and disputes and troubles as the starting point, and strive to open up the" last meter "to serve the masses. "A relative of the neighboring party building a family, and the social governance heart is connected." Li Anhui, member of the Standing Committee of the Anxi County Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, said that Anxi will rely on the "Party Construction+" neighborhood center to focus on asking for politics, asking the people, asking for the people, and doing their best. Create the "15 -minute convenience service circle", build the "party building+" neighborhood center into a "bridgehead" that leads the grassroots social governance innovation. Want to "" warm home. (Author: Zhang Jinchuan Chen Lianjie, Chen Weiming, is the director of the Anxi County News Report Center; the Organization Department of the Organization Department of the Anxi County Party Committee; the Deputy Director of the Party Member Electronic Education Center of the Organization Department Download.