Lausanne Village Investigation in Dorong Temple: The excellent achievements of the harmonious nation of religion and Shun society contribute to the long -term stability and high -quality development of Tibet

  On the morning of the 7th, Lausangjiang Village, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the director of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region People’s Congress, came to Zhelong Temple for investigation.

He emphasized that we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the National Religious Work Conference, and comprehensively implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s inspection of the important speech of Tibet and the party’s governance of the party in the new era. The decision -making deployment of the 10th Party Congress contributed to the great achievements of religion and smoothness, social harmony, and national harmony to contribute to the long -term stability and high -quality development of Tibet.

  Somo Renzheng, vice chairman of the CPPCC of the Autonomous Region, investigated it together.

  In Zheliang Temple, Lausann Jiang Village has learned about the history of the temple, the protection of cultural relics, and the fire safety of the fire, and kindly visited the condolences of the monks of the temple, the cadres stationed in the temple, and the armed police fire officers and soldiers. Lausanne Village said that in July last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Tibet to visit and condolences to the masses of all ethnic groups and went to the Tremore Temple to inspect on the spot. We must keep in mind that General Secretary Xi Jinping Yin Yin’s entrustment, unify the actions of ideas to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on religious work and Tibetan work, carry forward the fine traditions of Tibetan Buddhism to protect the country, and actively guide Tibetan Buddhism and socialist society. Compliance, consolidate the majestic power of building a beautiful and happy Tibet and a great rejuvenation dream.

  During the survey, Lausannjiang Village emphasized that the majority of monks and nuns must deeply understand the significance of "two establishment" from the all -round progress and historic achievements of Tibet since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Status and leadership.

It is necessary to adhere to the "five benefits" standards, implement the "four standards" requirements, and educate and guide the majority of religious people and the majority of monks and nuns around the party and the government.

It is necessary to focus on gathering the model zone of national unity and progress in the country, in -depth excavation, sorting, and promoting Tibet has been an inseparable part of the great motherland since ancient times. The Regulations on the Creation of the District continuously enhanced the recognition of the great motherland, the Chinese nation, the Chinese culture, the Communist Party of China, and the socialism of Chinese characteristics, and effectively cast the awareness of the Chinese nation community.

It is necessary to carry out the educational activities of "national consciousness, citizen consciousness, and the rule of law", and to promote education activities with the language, the ways of preferences, and convenient participation in the way that the majority of monks and nuns can hear.

To enhance the awareness of anxiety, the bottom line of the tree, effectively and effectively do the work of temple fire protection, cultural relics protection, epidemic prevention and control, etc., effectively maintain the harmonious and stability of the religious field, create a good environment for the long -term stability and high -quality development of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and welcome the party with excellent results to welcome the party with excellent results. Twenty victories were held.

(Responsible editor: Yu Chao).