Beijing: Company group building activities, annual meetings, and training classes promote video development

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 8th (Dong Zhaorui) Today, Beijing held a press conference of the 285th press conference of the prevention and control of new coronary virus pneumonia.

Xu Hejian, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, director of the Municipal Government News Office, and spokesman for the municipal government, Xu Hejian said that Xu Hejian said that he must unswervingly adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearing zero".

Discover the epidemic, act quickly, investigate fast, strict control, decisive disposal, resolutely block the channels of virus transmission, and use the most effective measures, the fastest time, and the most accurate prevention and control to achieve dynamic clearing to ensure the safety and of the capital’s safety and Citizens are healthy and safe. It is necessary to carry out the current tone of confirmed cases, find out and announce the trajectory of case activities, lock the risk points and personnel at the first time, and conduct centralized medical observations of close contact. Essence

Relevant areas should quickly implement the risk point seal control, nucleic acid detection and environmental sampling according to the plan.

We must unswervingly adhere to the overall strategy of "external prevention input and internal defense". At present, foreign outbreaks are high, the outbreak of the Hong Kong epidemic has exploded, and the mainland local epidemic is more distributed. Overseas input and Beijing input are still the biggest risk of the capital Beijing epidemic. We must continue to strictly implement the immigration prevention policy.

Strictly enter the management of Beijing, strictly enter Beijing’s management and control in Beijing, and continue to implement the suspension of epidemic prevention policies such as the suspension. For personnel in other regions, we must strengthen remote screening, and hold 48 hours of kernel acid test negative proof and "Beijing Health Treasure" green code to return to Beijing.

Strengthen the normalized internal screening of society, and continue to do a good job of testing and healthy monitoring of nucleic acids and healthy monitoring of key industries, key groups, and returning to Beijing.

Xu Hejian said that it is necessary to unswervingly fight the people’s war to prevent the people’s war. Thousands of citizen friends who take care of the overall situation are the main forces of the capital epidemic prevention and control. Consciously and voluntarily strictly abide by the regulations for epidemic prevention are the most efficient prevention and control measures. Perseverance and unremitting personal protection are the most effective prevention and control measures. We will like such an excellent citizen friend. We hope that the majority of citizens will fulfill the responsibility of the subject of epidemic prevention as always, continue to contribute to the capital prevention work, and the warmth of warmth. For new crown pneumonia related manifestations such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, decreased smell, decreased taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, and diarrhea, do not work with illness, do not participate in social activities, do not take public transportation, do not take public transportation tools Do not get online, do not buy medicine, take medicine, etc., wear masks, actively report to the community, actively conduct nucleic acid testing, actively go to the popular kidney consultation, win the time for precision, scientific and efficient prevention and control, and reduce costs.

The company’s group building activities, annual meetings, and training classes must strictly abide by the regulations of epidemic prevention policies and promote video forms.

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