Taihu Safety Summer Work Starts: Intelligent operation, fully protect the supply

The staff monitored the real -time data before the large -screen display of the waters and smart operation management platform. The city officially entered the Safe Summer of Taihu Lake. It is learned from the Water Affairs Group that this year, the Taihu Water source plan plans to further strengthen the salvage capacity of cyanoba, and monitor the savings site of the cyanobacteria through the real -time surveillance of the cloud video, and use a variety of intelligent means to ensure the safety of water quality. Recently, the Water Operation Service Information Center has also been launched newly upgraded, and the intelligent operation helps "assured water" to ensure the supply.

  Yesterday morning, the reporter came to Nanquan Water Source Factory to visit the salvage operation simulation.

Several ships on the scene were driving on the lake surface of the water source protection area. Some ships had a flower on the head of the ship. Ten pilot horsepers roll up the waves, which can effectively prevent the gathering of cyanobacteria. Walking into the real -time inspection platform of Taihu Water source along the trestle bridge, a water quality data of the water taken in real time was detected in real time. "In addition to the automatic detection of the machine, we also arranged artificial water to take back to the factory area to test and analyze. The location of the water removal will even exceed the water port of 3 kilometers away from the shore. In this way, if the water quality of Taihu Lake fluctuates, we can find and early warning.

"The Director of Wuxi Water Production Quality Division Yu Guang introduced the monitoring and early warning measures to reporters. At present, Wuxi Water Affairs monitors the water quality of Zhikou, such as Zhigang, Wujin Port, Yapu Port, and Wangyu River daily. Nanquan takes the water quality of the water source of the water inlet to monitor the water quality. Once abnormal water bodies are found in the water sources around the water source, the scope of inspection will be expanded immediately and the frequency of encryption monitoring will be expanded.

  Subsequently, the reporter came to the Water Operation Service Information Center in Zhongqiao Water Plant to visit the new Wuxi Water Water Smart Operation Management Platform. On the big screen of the center, the real -time water supply system, water supply, pipeline pressure, and water quality indicators of the entire water supply system in the urban area are clear at a glance.

"Xicheng’s water supply increased at an average annual rate of 5%. Last summer, the highest daily water supply reached 1.65 million tons, a record high. This year, it is expected to exceed 1.7 million tons. excellent.

Hu Kan, deputy general manager of Wuxi Water Affairs, introduced the real -time data of the factory water quality on the large screen of the smart operation management platform. The standard of 1NTU, the indicators such as residual chlorine, COD, ammonia nitrogen are also better than the national standard.

It is reported that the Water Affairs Group has strengthened the inspection of more than 100 water quality monitoring points of the pipeline network, implemented the water quality monitoring of more than 500 secondary water supply facilities in the city, and ensured the "last mile" safety of high -quality water issued by the factory.

  It is understood that the city’s two Taihu water sources and sources of Taihu Lake and the water source of the Yangtze River in Chengxi have formed a water supply pattern of "rivers and lakes, safe and high -quality". The total water supply capacity of each water plant reaches 2.45 million tons/day, and has achieved in -depth full coverage, and the water supply safety factor is high. The company has formulated an emergency scheduling plan. Once the water quality of Taihu Lake fluctuates, the water supply scheduling will timely adjust the water supply ratio of each factory, and make full use of the rapid transition capacity of high -speed water supply channels to effectively ensure that urban water use is not affected.

(Zhu Dongya).