Deep Net Observe the 643rd consumer coupon to open the small holiday of "buy and buy"

Artificial Intelligence Reading: What way do you use to open the holiday? In the past two days, many people in Shenzhen have not had time to eat at lunch. They held their mobile phones and rushed to grab consumer coupons. The daily greetings became: Have you grabbed it? Yesterday (28th) at 12 noon, the first batch of Shenzhen consumer coupons was grabbed on Meituan and Public Comment APP.

Data from Meituan show that food consumer coupons have been snatched in 3 seconds for 3 seconds for food consumption vouchers for more than 200 yuan, and at 11 seconds at a minus of 80 yuan for more than 200 yuan; hotels, tickets and other categories of consumer coupons are grabbed within 15 seconds Finish. Watching flowers and watching the scenery, climbing the sea, many citizens who have grabbed consumer coupons have already placed the hotel in eastern Shenzhen. Some citizens are preparing for the holiday in depth to check in major scenic spots … other than that, in addition,, in addition, All districts in Shenzhen have also made great efforts. Under the stimulus of consumer coupons, the "micro vacation" of Shenzhen was popular with the citizens.

In Shenzhen, taking the city of Dapeng New District Dapeng as an example, the proportion of local tourists from Shenzhen in previous years was about 6: 4. This year, local tourists accounted for significantly to 85%.

It lives up to the spring and time, and the holidays are "squats". There are many benefits for choosing more benefits, enjoyment of Tesco, and a wave of consumer coupons on the road. For the Shenzhen tourism market, it will usher in the Golden Week with high popularity. Essence

According to research reports, the government issued consumer vouchers on the one hand, which is conducive to promoting short -term consumption and restoring consumption confidence. On the other hand, indirect subsidies to merchants increase their short -term income and alleviate the pressure of merchants during the economic downturn. At the same time, consumer vouchers have a certain "multiplication effect". Each of the consumer coupons of 1 yuan can be generated by about 2 to 3 times the direct consumption multiplication. The measures are accurate and powerful, the consumption potential is further released, and the five -day comfortable time can be imagined. The confidence of merchants has further improved, and the "gift package" of tourism consumption will also enrich the holiday life of citizens. At the same time, it is worth noting that the issuance of the consumer coupon is issued in the hands of the citizens. There must be clear rules and clear use of the scope of the merchant. I was told that I couldn’t use it. Before using consumer vouchers, citizens can consult a merchant for use to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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