Qinzhou Tax: The "first leader" goes to the process of promoting the service "new" and "heart -to -heart"

Recommended Reading On the day before, Chinese scientists created a new path of carbon dioxide conversion. Through the combination of electrical catalytic and biological synthesis, carbon dioxide and water synthesized glucose and fatty acids as raw materials, which provided a new path for artificial and semi -artificial synthesis of "grain". Essence

2022-04-2910: 00 The "Autumn Thousand Leisure Drama" painted by Jiao Bingzhen’s "Lady Lattice" on the left of the left. "Garden Banquet" shows the structural characteristics of the Western Autumn Qianqian: its shape is like a ladder of the stood, the horizontal pole in the middle of the cloud ladder is rolling, and the upper and lower end have Japanese-shaped wooden frames. 2022-04-2909: 33 Reporters reporters On April 24th, it was learned from the Hunan Provincial Museum that recently, the Hunan Provincial Museum first systematically cleared the textiles unearthed from the tomb of Ma Wangdui. Research vacancies in related fields. 2022-04-2909: 31 Professor of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Tan Lan, a professor of Tan Lan, a professor of Qingdao Municipal Hospital affiliated to Qingdao University. Research, it was found that proper sun exposure can help prevent dementia.

Studies have found that compared with the average daily outdoor lighting, the outdoor light period is reduced by each hour, and the risk of dementia increases by%; every time the outdoor light period increases, the risk of dementia increases by%.

2022-04-2909: 30 "Nature" on April 27 The world’s first endangered reptile assessment showed that more than 1/5 of reptile species may be threatened by agricultural production, forest logging, urban development, and invasive species. Extinction.

The Davidtilman University of Minnesota said: "Protecting reptiles and mammals requires both a large -scale expansion of the protected area network and rapid increased crop output, especially in South Africa and South America in South Sahara.

2022-04-2909: 30 Related results have been published in the international journal "Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magazine" and "Europe Radioxuality" in the MRI in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.

On the basis of the early work, the study further improved the strength of the magnetic field and shortened the exposure time. It was exposed to the healthy mouse to the strong stable state magnetic field for 1 hour after 1 hour. 2022-04-2909: 23 In this place, a Sikoski S-92 helicopter operated by the staff of the Rocket Lab will try to hook the parachute with a hook. It is expected to capture the rocket at the first level of the Rockets in about 18 minutes after launch. Peter Baker, CEO of the Rocket Lab, said in a statement: "It is not easy to capture it when the Rockets return to the earth.

2022-04-2909: 21 In the human body, the liver is more effective in repairing damaged tissues than other organs.

In order to avoid the crazy growth of some molecules in the mountains in the mountains, the research team adopted a short -term solution. In this scheme, the mouse only received a day of treatment.

2022-04-2909: 21 Russian researchers have recently developed mathematical models, algorithms and software for calculating air dynamics and pneumatic acoustic characteristics for calculating bypass turbine jet engines.

When developing and calculating the effectiveness of sound -absorbing coating, Russian researchers used the method developed in the mixed model laboratory in the early days. These methods provided high accuracy when calculating turbulence, and the calculation cost was low. 2022-04-2909: 21 New studies cultivated liver, heart, bones and skin, and connected to the vascular flow for 4 weeks. These tissues can be generated from a single stem cells induced by a single humans to generate patients with specific chips, which is an excellent model of individualized research on human diseases and drug testing. 2022-04-2909: 21 According to a new study published at the European Clinical Micromiology and Infectious Disease Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, 23-26, 6 of each patients with new crown pneumonia are still at least one year later. There is a symptom.

Luxembourg researchers also found that the symptoms of new crown pneumonia have not disappeared after 15 weeks and may last at least one year. The possibility of moderate or severe new crown participants in one year is twice as possible for those patients with no symptoms after the initial infection.

2022-04-2909: 18. According to a recent research published in the "Public Science Library · Medicine" magazine, no matter which one of the biological parents suffering from a romant diabetes, the cognitive development of children may be affected. The research team concluded that if parents suffer from severe chronic diseases such as diabetes, they may affect their children’s academic performance. 2022-04-2909: 17 Lange believes that through a series of achievements from the research from laboratory animal research to crowd epidemiological research, scientists are more clearly understanding what kind of nutrition can bring longer and healthier life Essence

Lange pointed out that longevity diet should also adapt to individuals according to gender, age, health and genetic factors. 2022-04-2909: On April 27th, "Nature" magazine published a latest research result. Chinese scientists first discovered the causal mutations that affect the intestinal flora in the field of international agricultural animals in the field of international agricultural animals. mechanism.

2022-04-2909: 15 Entering the new era, food consumption has been promoted from quantitative to quality, and urban residents are more inclined to buy low-fat and high-protein animal foods. For example, the establishment of a food protein resource supply system based on microbial protein -based biological manufacturing, it has a very important strategic position in ensuring the safety of national food protein supply.

2022-04-2909: 15 Reporters learned from the Second Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Comprehensive Scientific Inspection and Research Team that "Peak Mission 2022 — Comprehensive Scientific Investigation Research in Everest extremely high altitude areas" was fully opened in the Everest area. The Mount Everest Scientific Examination was implemented by the Second Qinghai -Tibet Science and Tibetan Examination Team and the Tibetan mountaineering team. More than 270 scientific test players from 16 teams of the five science teams participated.

2022-04-2909: 13. According to the US Fun Science website reported on the 26th, the longest-lived person in the world-Japan’s Tanaka Nakago has died recently at the age of 119. After the death of Tanaka, the Guinness World Records confirmed that the longest -lived person in the world is France’s Luciel Landon (also known as Mother Andre) at the age of 118.

2022-04-2809: 29 According to the paper published on the 27th in the "Nature" magazine, Marizar Ali, an associate professor of Daerph University of Donator University, and his research team have discovered the one-way superconductivity of the zero magnetic field. It was always considered impossible since it was discovered in 1911. They used two -dimensional quantum materials to create a Josephson diode, paving the way for superconducting computing, or completely changing centralized computing and super computing. 2022-04-2809: 31 According to a study by the University of California Davis, micro-plastic can bring pathogen on land into the ocean, which may affect the health of humans and wild animals. There are habitats such as floating animals, clams, mussels, oysters, abalones, and other shellfish, which increases their possibility of ingestion of plastic and pathogens.

2022-04-2809: 29 This report was generated on the basis of 527 white paper submitted by planetary scientists across the United States and 97 experts discussed in the past two years. The most striking task was: in the early 1930s Launch the heavenly king star detector; dispatched the detector to Titan (one of Saturn’s satellites) in the late 1930s or early 1940s. 2022-04-2809: 29.