China Insurance Industry Association released new energy auto insurance exclusive terms

According to the China Insurance Industry Association, Yang Guangwang, Beijing, China Under the guidance, the China Insurance Industry Association has completed the industry "New Energy Automobile Business Insurance Exclusive Terms (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). The China Insurance Industry Association said that in recent years, my country’s automobile industry technology progress has been different, and the new energy automotive industry has fledy.

New technology brings new challenges, new energy vehicles extend to the charging device with power battery, the vehicle auxiliary equipment to the charging facility, in the process of the vehicle, in addition to the traditional traffic accident, the power battery is fired, the major accidents caused by the fire caused by the fire Risk factors, for these risks, product innovation needs to be upgraded in insurance guarantee and insurance services.

Therefore, how to continuously an iteration update, the imposing experience data has less expensive, and become a topic that must be solved during the development of new energy vehicles. "Terms" clearly proposes that new energy vehicles refer to automotive vehicles that use new power systems, completely or mainly relying on new energy-driven vehicles, including plug-in hybrid (including increased range), pure electric vehicles and fuel cells.

At the same time, "Terms" clarifies the liability of new energy vehicles losing insurance insurance.

Among them, Article 6 points out that during the insurance period, the insured or the insurance new energy car driver (hereinafter referred to as "driver") is used during the use of the insurance new energy vehicle, due to natural disasters, accidents (including fire burning Direct losses in the following equipment of the insurance new energy vehicle, and not to exempt the insurer’s responsibility, the insurer is responsible for compensation in accordance with the agreement of this insurance contract. One is the body; the other is the battery and energy storage system, motor and drive system, other control systems; third is all other factory devices.

Use the driving, parking, charging, and homework. Article 7 It is pointed out that during the insurance period, the insurance new energy vehicle was stolen, robbery, robbed, and passed the insurance criminal investigation department at the county-level public security criminal investigation department, and the loss of the drops did not identify the loss of the drops, as well as theft, Robbery, robbing the direct loss caused by damage, and does not belong to the scope of the exemption of the insurer’s responsibility, the insurer is responsible for compensation in accordance with the agreement of this insurance contract. Article 8, indicates that the insured or driver is subject to the necessary, reasonable rescue fees paid to prevent or reduce the loss of the insurance new energy vehicle, borne by the insurer; the amount of rescue cost is in insurance The new energy vehicle loss compensation is calculated separately, and the highest does not exceed the insurance amount.

The China Insurance Industry Association said that the "Terms" was dilated on the basis of extensive research and repeated argumentation. In the insurance liability, it is only provided to "three electric" systems, but also cover the use scenarios of new energy vehicles, parking, charging, and homework.

In terms of development, consider the current mainstream technology route, and there is an innovative space for new energy automotive industries. One is a diversified insurance field. "Terms" combined with the characteristics of new energy vehicles, develop "self-use charging pile loss insurance" "self-use charging pile liability insurance", covering the loss of the car, but also the auxiliary equipment of the charging pile, and the property itself can be caused Loss and personal injury; centralized solving the risk of the auxiliary facility. This is the first to secure the car outside the car insurance, which is an innovation and exploration in the auto insurance field.

Second, customized insurance liability.

"Terms" are expressed in the statement, highlight the structure characteristics of the "three electric" system of new energy vehicles. Such as battery and energy storage systems, motor and drive systems, etc., text content is clear, convenient for consumers reading understanding. At the same time, it will expand the range of protection to vehicle-specific use scenarios, such as self-service charging, special vehicle engineering operations, and upgrade to optimize the connotation and extension of traditional auto insurance, enhance the applicability, targeted.

The third is humanized insurance guarantee.

Combined with the risk during the charging process of new energy vehicles, design "Additional external grid fault loss insurance", inspected the loss of vehicle loss due to external power grid transmission failure, current voltage abnormalities, etc., through the insurance mechanism, dispersion risk. The China Insurance Industry Association said that under the guidance of the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, actively organize the industry main body, insist on meeting the needs of the people to start, continuously strengthen the innovation and collaborative innovation, with scientific and technological communication, continuous acceleration and new The technology and data integration of energy automotive industry chain, value chain, continuously innovation of product services, actively fulfilling social responsibility, practices insurance industry, give full play to insurance auxiliary social governance, service economic and social function, constantly meeting the growing people grow up Insurance protection needs.