Chengdu forest coverage rose from 23% before 40 years to 40.2%

  On the top of the green trees, watching the stars at night, watching the sunrise in the morning, looking at the snow mountain, Longquan Mountain’s beautiful scenery attracts more and more tourists.

Reporter Li Xiangyu hurts, shovel, protects the seedlings, returns the mud, watering … October 20th, the 40th anniversary of Chengdu National Compulsory tree and the autumn duty tree planting activities in Chengdu North Lake Ecological Park.

The event site, more than 70 citizens represent the division of labor, and the scene of the air is full of heat. In 1981, Chengdu began to plant a tree, in 40 years, hundreds of millions of people have participated in the volunteering tree, and plant more than 800 million plants. The city’s forest coverage rises from 23% before 40 years to now.

At the end of 2020, the forest area of ??the city has reached 10,000 mu. The amount of forest accumulation has reached 36.77 million cubic meters. The ecological safety patterns of the six-piece "two-ring two-ring" in Chengdu have been further stable, and the city’s urban form is preliminary.

  Changes from only a tree to landscape beautification and colleagues, Qiu Jiayong recorded the location with mobile phones. "I have to take a look at how I have a long time in my hand.

"Qiujia Yong is in the Chenghua City Urban Update Bureau, has participated in the obligation tree planting activities. On the same day, everyone is working together, together with the North Lake Ecological Park, and the tea tree and other 120 plants," 40th anniversary of Chengdu National Compulsory Tree 40th Anniversary Finalized. The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu City City Construction Authority told reporters: "This commemorative forest is not only a tree, but also considers the landscape.

The North Lake Ecological Park is close to the big panda breeding research base, and the commemorative forest is designed according to the panda shape. "The person in charge said that 40 years of efforts, let Chengdu have a lot of space," the initial obligation to plant trees, mainly relying on units to organize, and everyone is actively involved. Later, the concept of tree planting is updated, popularization, gradually turning to spontaneous participation by the public, and is based on family and social groups. "According to him, with the continuous advancement of planting and urban greening, the planting point is also extended from the central city," In recent years, new large plants slowly expanded to the new urban area. Therefore, now Chengdu’s obligation tree planting trees, paying more attention to the promotion of the landscape, not only quantity, but also requires quality.

"For 40 years, there will be a concept of citizens.

"Now, more and more people participating in the obligation to plant trees.

"In 2020, there were thousands of people in Chengdu to participate in various types of tree planting activities, planting trees and thousands of plants, and thousands of people participated in the green space trees to recognize and contribute and pledge, and carefully agreed with trees.

  The person in charge said: "Chengdu people have further strengthened the protection of urban trees. Now, there will be many citizens to care and supervise the community.

"For Chengdu, the tree planting is not a simple man, but to scientifically treated trees, not violating urban greening should follow the natural laws of urban greening, can not be greedy, transplanted some species that is not suitable for local growth.

  Innovation launched the "Internet + National Compulsory Tree" and other modes, Chengdu also planted trees in innovation. In March of this year, the public Wang Chaoyue has been registered by WeChat to the Longquan City Forest Park.

"In the past, after the plant is published, it is necessary to call the registration. Now I can sign up by the mobile phone." Last year, Longquan City Forest Park National "Internet + National Compulsory Tree" base portal started. The relevant person in charge of the Longquan City Forest Park Management Committee told reporters to build two major agencies, science education, and build a portal, shake, Sina official Weibo, WeChat public account, 5 network platforms, expected Implement online participation, offline activities, donation donation, information query, integral exchange, data analysis 6 function. The public can log in to Chengdu’s voluntary tree planting website, Longquan City Forest Park National "Internet + National Compulsory Tree" Base Portal.

  It is worth noting that last year, Chengdu also innovated the "Ecological Planting Tree" model, built the auspicious tree theme scene park and duty to plant the theme forest, implanted new state scenes, and realize the innovation of ecological value innovation.

  According to the person in charge of the Chengdu Park City Construction Authority, last year, 4 volunteer tree planting theme scene parks. "The theme park will explore new state scenes such as science education, sightseeing, ecological experience, etc., and achieve ‘can enter and participate in".

"Green will continue to extend in the Tianfu Green Road. This year, Chengdu will accelerate the construction of Tianfang Green Road, promote the construction of bamboo forest landscape lines as the main content of Zhulin Landscape Avenue. At the same time, we have carried out a wide range of photography and literary works collection with voluntary tree theme. The evaluation, planning citizenship planting, cosmetics, science education, plant protection and other activities. (Reporter Ray) [Editor: Jiang Yan].