Accelerating the "First Work" BR "First Work" BR "The First Work" BR struggled to achieve the new era of the revolutionary old area to build a new glory of socialism modernization countries

From November 15th to 16th, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee was easy to refine Red and invested in the investigation of Zhangzhou City. He emphasized that we must conscientiously study the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and fully implement the spirit of the general speech of the Jiangxi, vigorously promote the spirit of the Jiangxi’s important party and the Soviet Union, and the "demonstration, and brave the first" target requirements. , Accelerate the comprehensive revitalization of China’s comprehensive revitalization, and the first work of the new era, and achieve the new glory of the revolutionary old building to build a socialist modern country. Wu Zhongqiong, Wu Hao accompanied by investigation. The ancient burns, pine cypresses, Ruijin Ye Pinghongjun Martyrs Memorial Tower Tower.

90 years ago, the Chinese Soviet Republic was established here, written in the immortal chapter of the Chinese revolutionary history. On the morning of the 16th, Yi Huihong was commemorated to the Red Army Martyrs to the Red Army Martyrs, and went to the revolutionary martyrs and deeply three. Subsequently, Yi Jinghong posetted with the site of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and "One Su Da" site, carefully observed a piece of cultural relics, listening to a touching red story, and once again sent a great Soviet Union. Zhangzhou Economic Development Area Tower hangling, machine roaring, is the hot scene of the project "big and fast", reflecting the strong development of the strong development kinetic energy and vitality. Easy to refine red, the 42GWH power battery project site in Geely (Cangzhou) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., in detail, in detail, Zhangzhou Economic Development Zone is integrated into the Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau Dasan District to undertake industrial shift, and it isas to promote the promotion of industrial multiplying upgrades. The district costs industry gathering, project construction primary battlefield main position, according to the "high" "chain group" ideas, strengthen projects, speed up project construction, anchoring higher goals, and moving into national first-class.

Yi Jinghong listened to the work of Zhangzhou Municipal Committee, Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee, clearing the Cangzhou "work, good development, high urban and rural change, and the dryness of the cadres" give full affirmation, and proposes six aspects of work requirements. He emphasizes that we must accelerate the construction of modern industries, and focus on building a new era of "first" economic development trend and performance.

Firmly establish global vision and international perspective, close attention to the international and national first-class, do high-quality industry, continue to promote industrial stock optimization, incremental upgrades, comprehensive enhance innovative driver capability, continuously improve the industrial chain supply chain stability and competition Forces, strive to get out of a high-quality leap-forward new road. – To speed up the construction of the provincial deputy center, focus on building a new era of "first" city function quality.

Keep doing first-class, striving for the first spiritual strength, magnifying the horizon, the highest sign, the best focus, accelerate the development of the central urban group development, promote the high-quality development of the county economy, to promote urban and rural integration Development, strive to build a high-level high-quality provincial deputy center and the four provinces in Fujian, Xiangxi. – Accelerate the construction and combining the bridgehead of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and strives to build a new era "first" business environment.

Promote the reform and opening up and penetrate, speed up the "big link" of the infrastructure, the "big connection" of the system mechanism, "big connection" in the all-round field, firmly establishing "All the Dawan District can do, Zhangzhou first must do Go to "the concept, strive to create an important node city and international cargo distribution in the" all the way ". – Accelerate the construction of a comprehensive green transformation leading area, and focus on building the "first" ecological advantage of the new era. Do a good job in the art of governance, TX, TSS, and continue to force in the repair of ecological environment, in the value of the ecological product value, to promote the carbon carbon, and vigorously cultivate green Low carbon new industries, effectively promote the development of economic and social development in a comprehensive green transition, and strive to build beautiful Zhangzhou. – To accelerate the construction of the revolutionary old district, the common prosperity area, and strive to build a new era of "first" people’s livelihood. In-depth practice, to promote employment income, promote employment income, do a good job of people’s livelihood, promote cultural benefits, maintain harmony and stability, and solve the "job, Trumpet garden, school seat, and seating" Seeking medical beds, pension sites, parking parking spaces, such as toilet toilets, etc., strive to make the old people live more and better.

– Accelerate the construction of red gene inheritance demonstration zone, and focus on building a new era "first" work style. Consciously inherit the red gene, the red blood, knowing the buds, the hard work, Qing Zheng, collar, the collar, effectively, the strict primary base is maintained, and the deep advancement is strictly governing the party, and strives to promote political ecology. The purity is positive, actively, to create a hard-working atmosphere, and effectively let the Soviet area cadres in the new era of the new era. (Reporter Wei Xing) (Editor-in: Qiu Wei, Rona) Sharing let more people see.