American men’s plane devoted to the heart path "first razed chest hair and rescue"

Men’s people who have encountered "first shaving and first aid" Chicago August 31, 62-year-old American man Jackjordan suddenly heart disease when taking the United States Southwest Airlines flight.

Although two trunk passengers have implemented heart-lung recovery, the unit initially refused to provide the "automatic heart defibrillator" equipped with the plane, the reason is that his "too much hairs".

Jordan’s wife said to the media that the flight attendant finally decided, first shaved Jackjordan thick thoracic hair, and then took the heart defibrillator.Unfortunately, this man died in the plane behind.

Southwestern Airlines said that the death of Jordan died deeply, but the flight attendance is fully compliant with the company’s norms, and emphasizes that it will notify the emergency personnel in the plane to wait after the plane is waiting.

The deceased wife told the media (TV screenshot).