Ambush! The wallet "Tibet" in the drawer interlayer is half an hour to find

Guiyang Net News On November 9, a villager alarm in Xinjian Town, Fenggang County, Zunyi City said that the cash in the family was stolen.

However, the police did not find suspicious through the survey site.

After careful finding, the original stolen cash is placed in the lamina between the two layers of drawers.

On the morning, Ms. Wang, the village of Tai Huncun, the new town, said: Put the wallet in the home, there is 2500 yuan in cash and bank cards, ID cards.

After receiving the police, the new police station police quickly arrived at the scene, and found that there was a ladies who lived in the countryside, and there were no monitoring facilities nearby, and they could not understand the case of the case.

In order to protect the scene, the police immediately contacted the County Public Security Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Brigade to investigate the case site. However, the police passed the on-site investigation and did not find that there was an unidentified person to enter and out of the family, and there was no trace of theft.

After analysis, the police excluded the possibility of wallets being stolen.

As a result, the police entered the family of Wang, repeatedly looked on the bedside table, and then dragged the two-layer drawer, but found that there was a slutty wallet between the two interlains. I saw it. It is really a wallet, pull the zipper, There are bank cards, ID cards, and 2500 yuan in cash.

The money is lost, and the Ms. Wang finally relieved, and it was also blamed for his own careless. (Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Huang Baohua) (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.