Hunan Care Love New Employment Form Labor Lists "Ten Key Tasks"

Recently, Hunan Provincial New Employment Morphological Works Labor Security Priority Promotion Group Office issued programs, decided to carry out special actions in the province, through implementation of "Ten Key Tasks", effectively safeguards new employment forms such as soldiers, webmark drivers The legitimate rights and interests of the workers continue until February next year. It is understood that "Ten Key Tasks" includes: refining the introduction of supporting policies, effectively strengthening the management and guidance, gradually promoting collective consultation, promoting labor dispute processing, carrying out special supervision law enforcement, strengthening employment entrepreneurship services, building occupational injury protection, optimizing society Insurance services, increase vocational skills training to carry out centralized meeting.

According to national deployment and regulations, universal demonstration texts such as new employee and network of net approximachuses and other new employment forms of employees, written agreements, etc., regularly carry out administrative guidance on platform companies, and urge it to improve the system rules related to workers’ rights. And platform algorithms, modify cooperation agreements with the use of employment and cooperative enterprises; promote the establishment of employment reporting systems, platform companies must pay attention to reporting work in quarters and labor relations. Selling, webmark, express delivery, etc.

At the same time, in the industries of new employment, the industry is concentrated, and the region has cultivated a batch of labor dispute mediation organizations, combing issued a typical case of labor disputes related to new states such as timeout overtime, and promotes labor dispute.

For companies that induce or force new employment form workers to automate industrial and commercial households, enterprises to circumvent the responsibility of the employee will carry out key remediation; for a large number of female employees, the platform enterprise in the maintenance of female employee in recent years will conduct key inspection Encourage new employment form workers to report to complaints violations of laws and regulations. Combining the employment needs of new employment laborers, a series of targeted services will be carried out, and actively promote the professional injury protection of new employment, employment, takeaway, instant delivery, and city freight and other industrial platform companies. The branch industry is a first pilot.

In addition, it will also fully implement the national insured plan, flexible employees can apply for basic endowment insurance for employees in personnel, and are not subject to household registration.