Huadian Technology: Based on Xi’an to create a global packaging test leading enterprise

  (Video Source: Xi’an Radio and Television Station) Xi’an Net News (Reporter Wang Jing) Huadian Technology In accordance with General Secretary of Xi Jinping to Shaan Shaanxi, the city’s total requirements and the city to grab the general requirements of the construction opportunities of Qin Chuangyuan, to learn to implement the 19th The spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session is the total follow-up, and the integrated circuit packaging test market opportunities have accelerated the construction of local expansion projects, contributing to the high quality development of Xi’an.

  Huadian Technology (Xi’an) Co., Ltd. is one of my country’s well-known packaging test enterprises, and is the integrated circuit packaging test leading enterprises in Shaanxi Province. The company is committed to the development of high-end integrated circuit packaging technology, and the company can provide customers with high-end integrated circuit packaging design and electricity, heat, mechanical stress and structural simulation technology services, with mass production capacity of packaging test products. The company took the lead in achieving the size of the packaged products such as AI, 5G mobile phone baseband, radio frequency amplifier, 5G base station chip and 7nm wafer package process.

The company is the first 5G mobile phone PA integrated circuit mass production.

In recent years, with 5G, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the development of the semiconductor industry has accelerated, and the entire domestic semiconductor industry order explosives growth.

In response to the reform of the party and the government, expand the open policy call, our company actively implements technology transformation projects, expands capacity, and continuously through increasing research and development, improve product quality, providing an indispensable new momentum for the rapid development of enterprises.

From January to September this year, Huadian Technology achieved business income billions, an increase of 46% year-on-year, and the profit billion is 307% year-on-year. It is expected to achieve operational income of 3.1 billion yuan in the whole year. Further consolidate the position of enterprises in the global IC package test. edit:.