Anhui Medical University: Journal

In 1926, he officially established private Southeast Medical University, Guo Qiyuan, was opened to Southeast Affiliated Hospital (a standby hospital for predecessor) In 1927, the Board of Directors was established in 1928, from May 10th, it was three days, all students went out. In 1929, the new school building was completed, and the Scholar Hospital was retrieved in New House. In 1930, the private Southeast Medical College has organized a rescue team, and went to Beijing, requiring the government to recover the East Third Province of 1932 School of 1932. Composed "National Disposal Rescue Team" and rear injured hospitals, support the 1933 Southeast Medical Association in 1933, 1933, 1933, the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Sciences, the Affiliated Department of Otorhinolaryngology, 1935, 1935, student and Shanghai A "North China Autonomous", held against "North China Autonomy", and strive for national liberation 1937 Dean Guo Qiyuan for the Chinese Red Cross Battlefield Ambulance Corps, the leader of the army, the anti-Japanese anti-Japanese Zhang Xiyu, the establishment of the School Management Committee, responsible for the School of Management With the income of Guanghua Eye Hospital, the Southeastern Medical College was rebuilt in 1946, the School of Southeastern Medicine, moved to Shanghai Nanshi Manufacturing Bureau Road, 1947 Zhang Xi, officially issued the Dean in 1948, the students participated in the "anti-civil war, anti-hunger, anti-persecution" struggle, Investing in Shanghai ambulance Work in 1949 responds to the CPP China East Bureau "to the rural, the mainland" call, accept the internal mission, and the Southeast Medical College has moved to Huaiyuan, the school is the central government leader 1951, North District The party committee decided to report to the central government, Li Guangtao, member of the Party Committee Secretary of the Southeast Medical College, the Southeast Medical College rename Anhui Medical College, subject to the Ministry of Health and Anhui Province, Double-leaders on October 3, for the Central Health Department The leaders of the Anhui Provincial People’s Committee were headed by the Provincial People’s Government, and the Provincial Health Department was responsible for the Academy of Health in 1955, 1955, the first medical academic journal hosted by Anhui Medical University, "Anhui Medical College Published in 1956, the school held the first party membership congress, discussing school discipline construction and development planning In 1957, the first group of members in 1959 held an Anhui Medical College Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition In 1960, the school was accepted and cultural, health , Sports, news socialist construction advanced units and advanced workers representatives award "Advanced Unit" Awards In 1961, the library completed investment in 1963 According to the Provincial Department of Education full-time ordinary university institution, school set up party committees, organize Department, Propaganda Department, United Front Department, Armed Ministry, Administrative Dean Office, Academic Affairs Office, General Office, Personnel Department, Library In 1964, the Party Committee Supervision Committee held the first party member meeting in 1969, 1969 CPC Anhui Core Group Decided, combined with the sixteen universities of Anhui Province into six, retaining Anhui Medical College, combining four medical colleges to the NASCA, 1970 Provincial Levet Core Group Research Decision: Anhui Medical College, Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,蚌埠 医After the college, Wuhu Medical College combined, the school name is still set to Anhui Medical College, Xi Zi Anhui Medical College, under the establishment of two branches in the Sannan, in 1971, held the second party members, 1974, 1974 Provincial Revolutionary Committee Agree the school to establish a pharmacy department, school set up a health department in 1976 Tangshan earthquake, school sent several medical teams, and rescue Tangshan earthquake wounded in 1977 WHO Headquarters Traditional Medicine Examination Group to visit the Affiliated Hospital Burn Ward college entrance examination enrollment first recruit 405 undergraduates 1978 Anhui The Academic Committee of Medical College was established in 1979, the establishment of an Activities Party Committee Discipline Inspection Committee approved, pharmacology, human anatomy, and medical understanding of the State Council for Master’s degree Authority, 1982 Provincial Higher Education Bureau agreed to school master, bachelor’s degree assessment committee In 1983, the first undergraduate issued a bachelor’s degree certificate was held in 1984 in 1984, 1984, the 35th anniversary of the founding, the provincial party secretary Huang Wei, the provincial government and the president of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Zhang Weifan, the deputy director of the Provincial People’s Congress, Wei Xinyi, Zhao Minchu Waiting to the school, the governor Wang Yu Zhao is speaking, Zhang Wei sail is the first faculty and staff representative meeting in 1985, the Anhui Medical College has been approved by the provincial government, and the Anhui Medical University has held the 60th anniversary of the establishment. Commemorating the General Assembly, the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the president of the Provincial Party Committee, director of the Provincial Advisory Committee, Yuan Zhen, the deputy director of the Provincial People’s Congress, Zhao Minxue, the Standing Committee of Zhao Minxue, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Minister of the Provincial Party Committee came to congratulate, the governor Wang Yuzhao, Vice Governor Wang Thick Machan sent a letter, the member of the SHANG Xin Xinzhong, the Minister of Health, Director of the Provincial Consuls Department, Congratulations on the 1987 Health Department and the Saving Strong Saving Building of the Administration of the Sanitary Hospital of Anhui Province, 1988 Minister Chen Minzhang for the school Health Management College Inscription Inscription 1989 The "Anhui Medical University" is renamed "Anhui Medical News" in 1990, the approval of the State Council degree, the school is a doctorate authorization unit, pharmacology as a doctoral authorization discipline, Xu Shuyun teaches the first doctoral tutor In 1991, the school held the second teachings, the fifth work, and discussed the decade plan for the development of the school’s business, and the 1992 school was authorized to exemption, and the top graduate is a master school 1994. The third faculty conference was held and discussed the school three and five-year struggle. In 1995, the school was awarded the National Social Practice Advanced Unit of the Central Practice in 1995. The National Education Commission agreed that the school was renamed Anhui The first doctoral student cultivated by the medical university student held the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the school’s 70th anniversary celebration in 1997, in 1998, the provincial education committee was approved by the Provincial Department of Education, and the school was allowed to accept foreign students in 1999. In 1999, the campus network opened, put into use 2000 Campus Culture Square starts construction in 2001, the fourth education meeting, the seventh work conference, and discussing the school’s "Ten 5" Plan and 2015 Development Plan 2002 Ministry of Education to approve the seven-year clinical medicine(Missing) In 2003, the school was grandly held the fifth party congress, which proposed to treat schools according to law, with the Democratic School, Democratic School and Quality Admissions School, and the Chinese People’s Anhui Provincial Party Committee sent a conglinement in 2004. For the "Central and Local Construction Higher Education Basic Laboratory Project" School 2005, the school held Ph.D., Master’s degree, 2006, 2006, 80th Anniversary Celebration, Celebration, Celebration, School Gymnasium, 2007, 2007 School, School, School, School I was approved for the National Key Discipline In 2008, the Second Affiliated Hospital of the 2008 school was held. The 2009 State Council’s degree committee issued a notice, and the school received a Ph.D. professional degree in clinical medicine. The postgraduate degree from the postgraduate degree from the Stomatological Medicine, realized Dr. Anhui Province The graduate education zero breakthrough In 2011, the school was ranked 13th in China scientific research institutions in "NatureGenetics), ranked No. 13 in China," Natural Genetics " The National Institute of Education issued the Notice of the Ministry of Education on Announcement of the 2001 National College of Higher Education for the Professional Setting of Posts. In 2013, the leaders attended the Construction Leadership Group (expanded) meeting of the Si Affiliated Hospital, and the meeting was determined to build Wanpingmi, the first phase of the new district of the Siya Hospital, and the total investment billion in 2014 has been held in the school, the seventh party congress of the Chinese Communist Party Anhui Medical University. I proposed the "Anji Dream" and the "Two One hundred Years" of the "Two One hundred Years" 2015 "Anhui Provincial People’s Government, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, on the construction of the Anhui Medical University," issued, marking the school official Entering the "Provincial Party Committee to build" colleges, this is an important milestone in the development of the school. In 2016, the school celebrates the 90th anniversary of the school. 2017 Affiliated to China, Fuyang Hospital, 2018, 2018 new basic medicine, public health and preventive medicine 2 PhD degree authorized first-level discipline in 2019, the Eighth Congress of the Chinese Communist Anhui Medical University, the victory of the Anhui Medical University, proposed the goal of "Building a domestic first-class high-level medical university", condensed casting "Hong Yi, refinement newspaper, Kangmin Ji Shi "Anharmist Spirit 2020" All school teachers and students Zhong Zhi Chengcheng anti-corona pneumonia epidemic situation Approval projects from 2,200 acres of new medical centers in Feixi County, the Source: Anhui Medical University (Editor: Ou Wei, Zhang Lei) Sharing More people see.